Failed Startups & Founders – The Silver Lining of Our Economy

Referring to a post on SA by our anonymous friend   What is success?, he/she asked what is the definition of it. I could have written an answer there but its better this way.

We don’t define success, we see it, we observe, we feel it just like everyone else. Nobody defines Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But still you want a definition, here “success is hunger which can only be fulfilled by eating failures.”

If by statistics, only 10% startups sustain, we couldn’t say 90% fails. It seems legit to say “fail” but it’s not, it’s better to say we are 90% towards success. we all work hard, we all fail many times, we all lose our jobs, sometimes money, family, wife, life, parties & precious moments too, but as Buddha says:

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

I am trying to say those 90% are much better entrepreneurs’, the real knowledge they build down the path of failures is much more greater. I guess we all entrepreneurs those who think they or their ideas are failures should be more openly discussing their ideas and products regularly on SA, trust me, sometimes it’s not the ideas that fail, sometimes its only that we are in the wrong position, may be with wrong people, may be at a wrong place at wrong time, may be putting money where we shouldn’t have to, may be sometime drowning too much in our own sorrows. We just have to re-configure it.

I admit it, sometimes I don’t like being around people, not even those who are my well wishers & true friends due to my regular attempts & fails. But I am really really thankful to god for this little spark in me, it just always comes back with a flame. Eventually it goes back to sparks again, but in those up & downs despite failures, I learn a lot, a lot by any other person out there & each time I try to strike back, I strike back harder. This is not a complete waste, it’s not a failure.

I totally adhere failed startups & their founders, because if they knew where they failed they will totally know where they will succeed. Only if we know how we can combine our failures to make it a success, I truly want to see the new math of two or more failures combine to build one success.

Do you know how can you power-up your failures and become closer to a success. If you can reason up your failing situations, you can sure come up with steps that lead you to crash earlier. Ok try this, it’s called reverse engineering, take those same reasoning points (the anatomy of it) & apply it to any successful business similar to yours and try to find what they lack & how they will fail. The results will shock you, Why? because you just came up with a better product idea and How? by looking in to the failures.

You couldn’t throw ‘Heads’ away by putting ‘Tails’ in your pocket. Success & failures bound to each other like two sides of a same coin, and if you want to see the other one, you just have to flip the coin, When? it’s up to you.

  • But guys, here you constantly talk about co-founders and leaders views.

    How about employees and contractors? What ambition they should have working for not much equity, if at all…on very law salary….all in hope that startup will grow and be successful?

    Very often we feel like a puppets who suppose to follow the leaders, and if not happy with their skills and actions to leave.

    It’s super hard witnessing struggle but not being able to do anything about it as no power on our side.

    • Being a low paying employee with no equity do you not see the value of you being able to eavesdrop on the whole process of a start up ?

      It’s success and failures.You learn nothing ???

      Your value is determined by your past success right ? Grind away.

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  • Delightful sentiment – but I’d much rather be the ex-Google/Apple/Microsoft VP who get picked up by Y-combinator and then bought 2 years later for $50M+.

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