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Personal VPNs have become a lot more common in recent years. Now that the libraries of major streaming services are different in different geographical regions, users have an incentive to use a VPN to spoof their location. But businesses have been using enterprise VPN services for decades now. Below are five of the best VPN providers for enterprise users.

#1 Best Enterprise VPN - NordLayer

Number of servers: 3000+

Server locations: 32+

Static IP: Yes

Maximum devices supported: 6

If you have ever heard about consumer cybersecurity products, there is a great chance it is NordVPN. Coming by storm with YouTube ads and promotions, the company has a reputation as one of the most relentless advertisers on the platform. Yet, after numerous mentions on popular YouTubers’ channels, trying out the service makes perfect sense how NordVPN achieved such a majority’s favor. However, not only is NordVPN making waves in the VPN department — Nord Security, the parent company of the solution, also offers a security suite NordLayer, explicitly designed for enterprise clients.

Nord’s dedication to establishing privacy and security is one of the strongest selling points that translates into precisely tailored cybersecurity tools. For enterprise clients, NordLayer developed a layered security approach incorporating flexibility and fundaments of Security Service Edge (SSE) service. With the solution, remote access tunneling and site-to-site enable teams to share encrypted company information assets securely.

Robust security measures also integrate a kill switch. The feature stops any outbound data transaction as soon as NordLayer detects a connection drop from a VPN server. The connection re-establishes once the VPN connection is available again.

To prevent bad actors from intercepting data transactions, NordLayer provides an option to set up a dedicated business VPN server. Companies can utilize it for internal enterprise needs like splitting gateways and segmenting teams. Enterprise-dedicated Virtual Private Gateway helps mitigate the potential of data breaches.

NordLayer offers variable pricing based on a preferred subscription plan — it comes in Basic, Advanced, and Custom. The Basic Plan subscription enables primary security features and access to shared gateways. The Advanced Plan subscription includes the Basic Plan offering plus Virtual Private Gateway with Fixed IP. Custom Plan has all Basic and Advanced plans benefits and is tailored individually to meet specific business requirements via consultation with NordLayer’s consultants.


  • VPN with a no-logs policy
  • Extensive server pool around the world
  • 100% cloud native


  • Doesn’t provide the platform to build your services on

Number of servers: 700+

Server locations: 35

Static IP: Yes

Maximum devices supported: Unlimited (5 device minimum)

Perimeter 81 is a leading enterprise VPN service geared towards small and medium-sized Enterprises. In this regard, it is by far one of the industry leaders, offering a low-latency, and highly scalable alternative to hardware-based VPN services. The company is also rapidly entering the SASE space, offering securo zero trust solutions and more in 2021. 

Enterprise accounts typically require dozens or hundreds of licenses, that’s why Perimeter 81 offers a minimum of 5 licenses per-team. But within their niche, Perimeter81 stands head and shoulders above the competition withcloud-based system for simplified scaling according to your business's needs.

The Perimeter 81 solution comes packaged in a ready-to-deploy, feature-rich platform. This VPN service enables you to manage your VPN as well as your network and team settings with granular controls and settings. Additionally, they support all major operating systems, including 64-bit Linux and Chromebooks. Perimeter 81 utilizes top of the range security protocols throughout its service, which include: The newly released WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN and automatic enabling of Wi-Fi security. All things considered, this is one of the most secure enterprise VPN services available on the market and available for a variety of budgets.

Not only do these security features ensure that your privacy is maintained, but they also act as a powerful mitigation against any potential data loss or external threats. You can reduce your overall IT security costs while securing your businesses networks by introducing services like Perimeter 81’s enterprise-ready VPN solutions.

Another standout feature of Perimeter81 VPN is that it comes with one of the best customer support departments we have ever encountered. After your initial 30-day money-back guarantee, this support department will ensure that your enterprise VPN experience is smooth sailing throughout.


  • Money-back guarantee for the first 30 days
  • A dedicated management console provides extensive tools and makes managing networks and teams as straightforward as possible
  • Allows users to customize their plans and teams
  • Seamless scaling and simplified deployments


  • A five-user limit is going to be too restrictive for some people
  • Logs some data about user sessions for improvement purposes
  • Companies consistent growth may drive the license price higher

#3 Enterprise VPN Solution - Twingate

Number of servers: 100+

Server locations: Everywhere

Static IP: Yes

Maximum devices supported: Up to unlimited devices per user depending on the Plan

There is a free Starter Plan for two people, the Teams plan for up to 50 employees and remote workers, a Business Plan for a maximum of 150 people, and a custom Enterprise plan by arrangement. Much like with other SaaS solution providers, it uses a subscription model and charges on a per-user basis.

The service lets businesses adopt a zero-trust networking model and ensures all connections to protected resources are securely authenticated, authorized, and encrypted. Unlike with a VPN, traffic is routed much more directly from user devices to destination services (Google, Dropbox, private corporate servers, etc.) rather than needing to re-route all traffic through a VPN server hub first. This makes it significantly faster for remote workers with slower internet connections.

The zero-trust networking model also means that a hacker is prevented from taking over the entire network, unlike with an enterprise VPN, which renders a whole network vulnerable if the VPN server is compromised. Twingate achieves this by letting businesses grant users with access to resources on a “least privilege basis” - they only get access to the resources they need to have, and nothing else. Thise access is also highly configurable by the IT admins at your company too, something not possible with enterprise VPNs without going through a complicated process of reconfiguring the VPN and rearchitecting corporate network infrastructure.

In the future, the team at Twingate tells us that administrators will be able to set up rules and implement AI-facilitated features that automatically detect use of a corporate network that intuitively “doesn’t look right. and either flags this to an admin and/or blocks the access. For example, a user trying to access a resource at a time or from a place that diverges from their usual usage patterns.  A VPN doesn’t and cannot do this, which is a major selling point in the corporate world.

The service also integrates perfectly with identity providers such as Google, Microsoft, Okta, and others, allowing 2FA authentication to be used to protect any private resource, even if it doesn’t natively support 2FA. Twingate also works seamlessly behind the scenes, so it can operate alongside an existing VPN making Twingate easy to test out and set up without having to replace existing infrastructure, meaning less disruption for users. A centralized admin console allows the IT department to assign restrictions or limits to what different workers can access too, and also allow them to monitor who is accessing what across their entire enterprise network.

The service supports users using Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome O/S, along with iOS, iPadOS and Android too. Multiple remote networks can be used with the service. Also, the majority of plans offer a 14-day free trial too.

While enterprise VPNs are essential in today’s business world where remote working is widespread, they come with a lot of shortcomings, including being  a single point of failure for access and security, being a bottleneck that slows down connectivity, and being difficult to set up and manage. Twingate aims to provide all the functionality of an enterprise VPN, while also solving all of the shortcomings of VPNs, and from our experience testing it, it appears to live up to the promise.


  • Faster internet speed compared to an enterprise VPN
  • Free Starter plan to try the service out
  • Infinitely scalable without a VPN bottleneck
  • Multi-platform service with better security processes than a traditional VPN
  • Resource management through a Web-based Admin control


  • Advanced network traffic routing that’s harder to set up for non-techies compared to a VPN
  • A different concept to VPNs which customers need to learn about to understand it

#4 Enterprise VPN Service -

Number of servers: 115+

Server locations: 60

Static IP: Yes

Maximum devices supported: Unlimited is another VPN service that is aimed squarely at the Enterprise market. In fact, it is one of a dwindling number of VPN services that provides business with unlimited connections at the same time. This isn't a feature held back for top-tier subscribers either. Every single one of’s VPN plans include unlimited devices. And yes; if you have hundreds of devices to connect,  has you covered. is a platform-agnostic enterprise VPN. There are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS. You can also download desktop clients for Mac and Windows. In addition to these options, you can install on most Amazon devices. Whichever devices you are installing on, you will find the set-up process a breeze. uses the same security protocols across all versions. Regardless of which device you are installing it on, you can be sure of a secure experience.

Every version of offers protection from DNS leaks. You can also utilize private endpoints if you choose, enabling you to connect to a corporate network remotely securely. Content filtering also enables you to retain some control over what people can do on your enterprise network while using’s VPN service.   starts at just $16 per month. The most basic subscription package comes with a two-user minimum, representing good value. Regardless of the subscription tear that you choose, you will get unlimited simultaneous connections. The main weak point of this service is the Windows desktop app, which leaves a lot to be desired. Note that some user activity is logged with this service. The information recorded does not necessarily compromise your privacy, but it is far from the no-logs policies that other providers operate.

However, the 2-week free trial on offer should give you ample time to decide whether the service is right for you or not. Overall, is one of the best VPN services available to small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Support unlimited simultaneous devices
  • 14-day free trial enables you to try before you buy
  • Simple and intuitive setup and use


  • Relatively narrow range of server locations
  • Logs some data about user sessions

#5 Solution - ExpressVPN

Number of servers: 3,000+

Server locations: 160

Static IP: No

Maximum devices supported: 5

ExpressVPN is an excellent Enterprise VPN for both sole traders and small businesses. It is also one of a relatively small number of Enterprise VPN providers offering impressive technical specifications on their servers. The actual hardware you gain access to with an ExpressVPN subscription is leaps and bounds ahead of many of their competitors. Unfortunately, ExpressVPN does not offer an enterprise-specific plan. However, the service overall remains one of the best for enterprise customers

ExpressVPN supports a wide range of devices. You can install the ExpressVPN client on Windows Mac iOS and Android, and even on Linux and Kindle tablets. ExpressVPN is also one of the few providers that support Chromebooks. You can even install ExpressVPN via browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox. 

Like all the best VPN providers on the market today, ExpressVPN utilizes the latest security protocols to ensure that your data cannot be intercepted and decrypted. ExpressVPN also uses dedicated DNS servers and split tunneling, both of which further enhance its security credentials.

A no-logs policy maintains user privacy. Meanwhile, a 24/7 live chat service ensures that customer support is available whenever you might need it. ExpressVPN costs a little more than most of its competitors. But for the money you pay, you received one hell of an enterprise VPN service.


  • Top of the line tech specs provide best in class performance
  • Compatible with just about any device
  • Ultra-secure encryption
  • Excellent customer service


  • Doesn’t offer a dedicated enterprise plan

#6. IPVanish

Number of servers: 1,500+

Server locations: 75+

Static IP: No

Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

IPVanish is the latest in a long line of consumer VPN that has branched out into the enterprise market. Since making this leap, IPVanish has started to offer users unlimited simultaneous device connections as standard. Needless to say this is a very useful feature for businesses of any size. However, you should be aware that the terms of service set an account limit per household. Trying to register more devices than you are supposed to can result in revocation of your access.

Irrespective of the platform you use, IPVanish should offer a smooth experience with their apps. Every one of IPVanish’s apps is simple and straightforward to use. We didn't encounter any bugs or other issues during our testing. However, 24/7 customer support means that any issues you encounter can be solved as soon as possible.

IPVanish is one of the best Enterprise VPN out there for sole traders and smaller businesses. However, larger Enterprises will probably find themselves best served by another VPN provider. Regardless of your business’s size, IPVanish offers fast, reliable, and secure connections to servers worldwide.


  • Supports unlimited simultaneous devices
  • Live chat is on call 24/7 to help with any issues you have
  • Top-quality, easy to use apps across all devices.


  • No dedicated enterprise subscription

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