Best Mattress in Canada

Top Pick
Ghostbed Luxe Mattress
Ghostbed Luxe Mattress

recommended for:

  • Those who get hot when sleeping
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Those who enjoy medium-plush firmness 
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#2 Pick
Douglas Mattress
Douglas Mattress

Recommended for:

  • Heavier sleepers
  • Variable sleepers
  • Value seekers
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#3 Pick

Recommended for:

  • Sleepers of any weight
  • Back pain sufferers
  • Hot sleepers
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#4 Pick
Juno Mattress
Juno Mattress

Recommended for:

  • Lighter sleepers
  • Beds with lower profiles
  • Every sleeping position
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#5 Pick
Recore Mattress
Recore Mattress

Recommended for:

  • Every type of sleeper
  • Users looking for a responsive mattress
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#1 Best Canadian Mattress – Ghostbed Luxe Mattress


  • Unique quilted cover adds a sense of luxury and stays cool-to-the-touch at all times
  • Features both surface and core cooling technology
  • The mattress contours your body, offering excellent support
  • Not overly firm or overly soft, this is the perfect balance
  • Offers low motion transfer making it perfect for couples
  • Material is sourced in Canada, and mattresses are made in Canada

While some people base their mattress decision on the price, the firmness, or the support it offers, for hot sleepers it’s all about what will keep them cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Ghostbed Luxe Mattress is designed to banish sweaty nights thanks to a surface and core that both feature cooling technology. Not only does the quilted cover feel cool to the touch, but the core also features cooling tech so that you don’t start to heat up during the night.

Besides keeping you cool all night long, this one also manages to hit the perfect balance between too soft and too hard. With a comfort scale rating of 5-6, it features both bounce and support. Your pressure points will be relieved, and you won't wake up with aches and pains. Instead, the mattress will feel as though it’s cradling your body and soothing you to sleep.

The Ghostbed Luxe features a gel memory foam layer, as well as a top foam layer, both of which work to provide that bounce and comfort. As mentioned, this one is also ideal for couples thanks to the low motion transfer. This means that if one partner is tossing and turning through the night, it shouldn't cause motion that disturbs the other person's sleep.

It should also be noted that the mattress ships for free all across Canada within just 24 hours. The material is sourced in Canada and the mattress itself is made in Canada, so you're getting top quality products. The mattress features a 25-year warranty, and a 101-night sleep trial which means there are no risks in making the purchase.

This Mattress is recommended for:

  • Those who get hot when sleeping
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Couples
  • Those who enjoy medium-plush firmness

This Mattress is Not Recommended for:

  • Those who don’t like memory foam or foam mattresses
  • Those who want an extra firm or extra soft mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress that manages to balance all the top features and yet keeps you cool and comfortable all night long, then the Ghostbed Luxe mattress could be the perfect option.

#2 Best Value Canadian Mattress – Douglas Mattress


  • Medium-firm
  • 120-night sleep test
  • 15-year warranty included
  • Offers pressure relief and is close conforming
  • Excellent motion isolation

The Douglas mattress is one of the best value mattresses available to Canadian buyers. Its use of high-quality memory foam insulators means that the mattress conforms to the user's body type and provides effective pressure relief, particularly on the spine.

Comfort layers made from gel memory foam are effective at isolating motion and providing a comfortable sleeping surface. Not only does the mattress effectively isolate motion, but it is also a very quiet mattress. You can toss and turn all night without making a sound.

Couples will find the motion absorption desirable, while excellent airflow and heat dissipation ensure that you and your partner never get too hot. The cover contains eucalyptus leaf fibres, which further improve heat dissipation.

Throw in the below-average price point and free shipping, and you have one of the best value mattresses on the market.

If you aren’t a fan of memory foam, this might not be the mattress for you. It also suffers from a common problem with memory foam, which is a lack of support around the edges.

The Bottom Line

High quality foam construction and free shipping make this one of our favourite medium firm mattresses. Most Canadians will find something to like about The Douglas. Not only is this a versatile and comfortable mattress, but it also represents very good value for any buyer.

This Mattress is recommended for:

  • Variable sleepers: Not everyone has a consistent sleeping position. If you are the kind of person who likes to vary their sleeping position, this is the ideal mattress for you. It will adapt to your body, ensuring that your spine is properly supported throughout the night.
  • Heavier sleepers: This is a great mattress for people who don't fall into the lightest weight categories, providing support for just about anyone.
  • Couples: Thanks to its all-foam construction, this mattress is excellent at absorbing motion. This makes it an ideal mattress for couples.
  • Value seekers: With free shipping to most of Canada, the Douglas mattress offers much better value than many of its competitors.
  • Uncertain buyers: Douglas offers a longer-than-average warranty period and give buyers time to use the mattress and make sure it is right for them. Coupled with the relatively low price point, this is an easy purchase for any buyer who demands value.

This Mattress is Not Recommended for:

  • People who don’t like memory foam: For some people, memory foam is almost magical in its ability to make us feel comfortable and secure. Not everyone likes this feeling, though. If you don’t get on with memory foam, steer well clear.
  • Edge support: As with the majority of foam mattresses out there, the Douglas mattress tends to sink around the edges, reducing support.

#3 Best Luxury Canadian Mattress – Novosbed


  • Available with a range of potential firmness ratings
  • 120-night sleep trial included
  • 15-year warranty as standard
  • Thick layers are effective at relieving pressure and increasing comfort
  • Some of the best motion isolation round

The Novosbed mattress is a luxury option for people who value a quality night’s sleep. If you are sensitive to mattresses and have difficulty finding one that is comfortable for you to sleep on, this is a relatively safe bet.

The optimal firmness of any mattress will depend on the individual using it. Both your weight and preferred sleeping position are crucial factors in determining whether a mattress is comfortable for you or not. Fortunately, Novosbed offers a range of firmness ratings for you to choose from. If you require more support, a firmer mattress will provide it. Meanwhile, lightweight individuals will often find a softer mattress to be a lot more comfortable.

Novosbed have combined two comfort layers made from memory foam. These comfort layers effectively relieve pressure, an excellent feature if you suffer from chronic back pain. As well as providing additional support and comfort, these layers are effective at reducing noise and isolating motion.

Novosbed claims that the mattress has a seven-year lifespan. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that most users should get much more than this from their mattress. But, with free shipping to most of Canada and the US, as well as a 120-night sleep trial, this is a mattress you can try with confidence. The 15-year warranty should help to put your mind at ease.

The Bottom Line:

For people who like the finer things in life, the Novosbed is undoubtedly one of the best options out there. As well as being ultra-comfortable in that way that only luxury mattresses are, Novosbed has built this mattress to last. Thick layers of durable materials ensure that this mattress will remain comfortable for many years after purchase. There are three firmness settings for you to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect model for your sleeping style.

This mattress is recommended for:

  • Side and back-sleepers: If your natural inclination is to sleep on your side or back, the Novosbed offers fantastic support for these positions. The quality memory foam used in its construction enables the mattress to adapt to any body shape and weight, ensuring proper alignment and a good night’s sleep.
  • Sleepers of any weight: There are three variants of the Novosbed, each with a different firmness rating. As a rule of thumb, the softer variants are better suited for lightweight or average weight users. Conversely, users in heavier weight groups might find a firmer mattress to be a lot more comfortable.
  • Back pain sufferers: Many doctors recommend a memory foam mattress for people who suffer from chronic back pain. Memory foam will adapt to the contours of your body and relieve pressure on your spine while you sleep.
  • Hot sleepers: For some people, the extra insulation a foam mattress provides can cause them to overheat and wake up in the night. By using a stretch-lyocell cover, Novosbed has significantly reduced the heat potential. This cover helps the mattress and the user stay cool.

This Mattress is Not Recommended for:

  • Stomach sleepers: If you are one of the relatively few people who prefer to sleep on their front, lying on their stomachs, the Novosbed isn’t the best choice. Most people will find that they sink too deep to remain comfortable on their front.
  • Uncertain buyers: The fine print of Novosbed’s 120-night sleep trial means you have to keep it for at least 60 nights before you can return it.

#4 Best Mattress in Canada for Lightweight Sleepers – Juno Mattress


  • Medium-firm
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • Provides consistent support to all sleepers
  • An affordable yet high-quality option

With a thickness of 8 inches, the Juno mattress is one of the shorter mattresses on our list. It is much more effective at distributing weight evenly than many other medium-firm mattresses are. It is also one of the best options out there for stomach sleepers, who often find it hard tracking down a comfortable mattress.

The Juno mattress conforms closely to the user's body shape thanks to the use of gel-infused memory foam. These additional comfort layers provide extra cushioning that side sleepers will appreciate. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, the Juno mattress offers fantastic spinal support and alignment.

The Juno is not such a good choice for heavier sleepers. The reduced thickness of the mattress gives it a low profile, but it also means that it isn't as capable of supporting heavier sleepers.

The Bottom Line

The Juno mattress is one of the best mattresses out there for lightweight sleepers. There are numerous memory foam comfort layers contained within this mattress’s thin profile. Light sleepers, individuals, and couples will find the cushioning comfortable irrespective of their sleeping position.

This mattress is recommended for:

  • Every sleeping position: While the Juno mattress is much more comfortable for lightweight sleepers, you can sleep on it comfortably in any position. Layers of comfort foam conform to the sleeper’s body shape and position, providing excellent spinal support.
  • Lighter sleepers: Heavy-set users might find that the Juno provides insufficient support. However, average to lightweight sleepers will find this one of the most comfortable options around.
  • Beds with lower profiles: Because it is just 8 inches high, the Juno mattress is around 2 inches lower than the average mattress.
  • Value-seekers: The Juno’s thinner and simpler profile makes it a cheaper option than many comparable mattresses. Juno also offers free shipping for most of Canada and generous sleep trial and warranty periods.

This mattress is Not recommended for:

  • Heavyset sleepers: The thin profile and all-foam design make this a very comfortable mattress for lighter sleepers. However, there isn’t much support for heavier sleepers.
  • Users looking for a high level of conformity: Despite being made of all-foam, the Juno mattress holds a Medium Firm rating. It won’t conform to the body as closely as some people would like.

#5 Best Canadian Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers – Recore Mattress


  • Medium firm
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • Very responsive
  • Excellent airflow and heat dissipation

Many mattresses today seem to be geared towards specific users, and it is getting harder and harder to find a versatile all-around mattress. However, the Recore mattress fits the bill perfectly. It is a mattress that just about everybody will find comfortable to sleep on.

Recore has struck a great balance between the need for support and the need for comfort. No matter what body type you have or your preferred sleeping position, the Recore mattress has you covered.

Another standout feature of the Recore is its excellent heat dissipation and airflow, which ensures you never get too hot.

The Bottom Line:

Recore caters to sleepers of all types. High-quality manufacture and an ingenious design ensure sleepers will remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. The mattress effectively reduces motion transfer, making it ideal for energetic couples.

This mattress is recommended for:

  • Every type of sleeper: All-foam mattresses offer a different level of comfort, depending on the users’ preferred sleeping position. Some mattresses virtually demand a specific position. However, Recore’s mattress is a versatile design that provides a comfortable experience for any user.
  • Average and heavy sleepers: This is one of the best mattresses available for average-weight sleepers. However, heavier sleepers will also find this a comfortable mattress that conforms to their heavier frame.
  • Users looking for a responsive mattress: By using latex in the manufacture of the mattress, Recore has produced a more responsive option than its all-foam competitors. Couples will appreciate the added resistance provided.

This mattress is Not recommended for:

  • Lightweight stomach sleepers:Lightweight sleepers might find the Recore too firm for their tastes, especially if they usually sleep on their stomachs.
  • Uncertain buyers The mattress comes with a 30-night break-in period as part of its 120-night sleep trial. If you are looking to return the mattress quickly, if it isn’t suitable, you should look elsewhere.

#6 Best Canadian Mattress for Heavyweight Sleepers – Logan & Cove Mattress


  • Multiple firmness ratings available
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Close conforming
  • Incredible cushioning
  • Strong support around the edges

Heavyset sleepers will know that finding the right mattress can be a long and arduous process. Logan & Cove have made that process significantly easier by offering their hybrid mattress in several different variants. Each variant is a different firmness, but all of them make for an exceptionally comfortable night.

The larger profile of the mattress is a worthwhile trade-off for the added comfort it brings. That extra room has also enabled Logan & Cove to design their mattress for optimal airflow as well as extra comfort.

Couples will appreciate many of the designs choices Logan & Cove has made. It’s hard to get any noise out of this mattress, even when you’re trying. The motion absorption is also second to none. If you have a restless partner, you will barely notice their tossing and turning in the night.

The Bottom Line:

Whichever firmness option you go for, the Logan & Cove mattress is durable and comfortable. Heavier users will benefit substantially from the added support.

This mattress is recommended for:

  • Variable sleepers Logan & Cove has made a mattress that is suitable for any sleeping position. It’s great for turbulent sleepers who are prone to tossing and turning throughout the night.
  • Hot sleepers: This mattress features excellent air circulation. The materials used in the construction of the comfort layers include gel, silk, and eucalyptus fibres.
  • Back pain sufferers: The contouring and pressure relief provided by all variants of this mattress make it a great choice for back pain sufferers.
  • Couples: Thanks to its excellent motion absorption, this is a great mattress for couples; especially if one of you is prone to moving around in the night.

This mattress is Not recommended for:

  • Users who want a low profileAt 14 inches, this mattress is taller than average by approximately 4 inches.
  • Stomach sleepersEven the softest variants of this mattress aren’t going to be very comfortable for stomach sleepers.

Common Mattress FAQs

How Long Do Mattresses Last?

A good mattress should last anywhere from five to 10 years. However, the average mattress lifespan is between 6 and 8 years.

The durability of a mattress depends on a variety of factors. For example, the type of mattress and the quality of materials used in its construction will both be essential in determining the life span. When mattresses inevitably deteriorate, it is generally because certain areas around the body impression start to sag. The mattress, in general, may also begin to soften over time. As a mattress deteriorates, it provides less and less support to the user. Before long, this can lead to aches and pains when you wake up.

Innerspring and all-foam mattresses tend to be the least durable and the lowest quality. Innerspring mattresses, in particular, are susceptible to sagging. Meanwhile, a mattress made from all foam is likely to form body impressions over time that reduce its overall comfort level. There are hybrid mattresses available that combine both springs and foam. While it might sound like this type of mattress would simply incorporate the faults of both of the other types, hybrid mattresses tend to be made from much more durable and high-quality materials. As a result, a hybrid mattress will generally provide a better experience than the alternatives.

The most durable mattresses are usually natural latex mattresses. These mattresses do develop impressions over time as a foam mattress does. However, it takes considerably longer for these impressions to develop on a latex mattress.

If you are looking for a durable mattress, you need to choose something with low gauge coils, high-density foam, or memory foam, preferably using natural latex over synthetics.

Do I Need a Mattress Foundation, Box Spring, Or Bed Frame?

There are lots of reasons why someone might want a foundation for their bed. For example, these foundations can enable you to customise your bed’s height and take advantage of under-bed storage. It is also a viable way of changing the aesthetics of a bedroom. However, none of the alterations you might make to the foundation of your bed will affect the comfort of your mattress. Box springs, bed frames, and foundations are all irrelevant to the comfort of your mattress.

What Size Mattress Should I Choose?

The Twin and Twin XL sizes are both designed for individual users. However, the XL variant is explicitly aimed at taller individuals who require more space. A full mattress is suitable for two smaller sleepers, or a single normal-sized person with a pet. However, they are usually recommended for a single person as a comfort measure. On the other hand, the Queen mattress is the quintessential two-person mattress. If you and your partner are relatively tall, or you regularly sleep with large pets or children, you might find a king-sized mattress a better choice.

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