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Summary of our SendInBlue review:

SendinBlue has evolved from an email marketing tool to a more comprehensive solutions hub with expanded automation and built-in CRM functionality suitable for most small businesses.

Since first launching as a digital marketing agency, Sendinblue has gone from strength to strength. They initially built the platform to meet SMEs’ needs, who have previously been poorly served by digital marketing platforms.

Today, Sendinblue is one of the most popular and reputable digital marketing platforms operating. A rich feature set and competitive price point set it head and shoulders apart from its competitors. With more than 80,000 active users sending more than 100 million emails every day, Sendinblue is an increasingly important component of the modern digital marketing landscape.

Let’s take a look at the key features that make Sendinblue the platform it is today.

SendinBlue Specs



Annual Plans

Limited Free Trial

Unlimited Emails

Image Library

Survey Tool

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing


Social Media Integration

24/7 Phone Support

Free plan

Android App

iOS App

Social Media Marketing

Search Marketing

Unlimited Sequencing

Drag-and-Drop Creation

CRM Integration

What To Expect

Sendinblue is one of the most recognizable names in the digital marketing space. They have earned their reputation for providing top-quality tools and software; there’s a reason you hear this name time and time again. 

There are plenty of premium digital marketing services out there. If you have the money, you can find plenty of feature-rich digital marketing platforms available that will enable you to turbocharge your digital marketing efforts. However, one of the reasons that Sendinblue has gained its prominence is that they offer a generous free plan. Many digital services businesses will provide a free trial or free subscription tier that enables users to experience a heavily stripped-down version of their platform. These can be helpful but are often significantly lacking in terms of features.

Sendinblue sets itself apart from its competitors with one of the best free experiences you could hope for on a modern digital marketing platform. The free tier from Sendinblue enables users to send up to 300 emails every day. Phone support is included for the first 60 days, giving you plenty of time to get yourself set up and iron out any kinks in your registration.


Sendinblue’s subscription tiers are charged according to the number of email subscribers the user expects to handle.

  • 0 subscribers = $0/month; unlimited email contacts, daily quota of 300 emails.
  • 40,000 subscribers = $25/month; Lite plan includes branded emails and no daily quota
  • 60,000 subscribers = $39/month; Essential plan includes lite plan features, as well as advanced statistics and reporting.
  • 120,000 subscribers = $66/month; Includes all the platform’s most advanced features.

Pros And Cons of Sendinblue


  • Affordable plans: This is one of Sendinblue’s most significant selling point. You won’t find many businesses providing digital and email marketing services to clients at such a reasonable price. You’ll find even fewer offering a comprehensive free-tier plan for you to try. 60,000 subscribers for just $39/month is exceptionally good value.
  • Robust Email Automation: Unlike many competing newsletter services, Sendinblue includes comprehensive automation features at all levels. Because the automation features are workflow-based, it is easy to trigger campaign actions in response to specific user behaviors. For example, you can trigger actions according to the users’ email, engagement with your website, or a range of other indicators.
  • Landing page editor: One of the latest additions to the Sendinblue feature set has been the landing page editor. This editor makes it easy for you to customize the splash page users will see if they click a link in your marketing emails.
  • SMS marketing tool: Another relatively new feature for Sendinblue is the SMS marketing tool. This feature is something that many other newsletter tools are sorely lacking.
  • Deliverability: Sendinblue consistently ranks as one of the most reliable in terms of deliverability, offering one of the highest rates around.


  • Limited integrations: Sendinblue offers some degree of integration with other applications. However, the list of supported applications is relatively meager compared to their competitors.
  • Free plan sending limit: Sendinblue’s free plan is one of the best free-tier options out there. Unfortunately, this free account comes with a limit of 300 emails, which isn’t enough for many people.

Is Sendinblue Right For You?

Recommended For:

  • One-on-one campaigns: If you need to send trigger-based transactional emails, Sendinblue is by far one of the best options around. You can configure your campaigns to trigger clicks, webpage visits, or any other metric you choose. There is even a dedicated transactional section that enables you to configure messages for events like password resets and sign-up confirmations.
  • A sophisticated tool at a reasonable cost: Sendinblue is a much cheaper option when compared with many of its immediate competitors. If the value for money is an important measure for you and you want access to advanced audience segmentation, personalization, or automation services, Sendinblue is an option worth considering.
  • E-commerce businesses: The many customizable triggers that Sendinblue offers make it ideal for e-commerce businesses. You can easily import customer orders and customize KPIs to your heart’s content.

Not recommended if:

  • You need multiple logins for different user levels: Sendinblue will only let you set up multiple user logins if you sign up for a premium or enterprise plan


Ease of use: 4.5/5 - Sendinblue provides a great user experience with easy to navigate menus and campaign production tools that are intuitive and easy to use.

Newsletter creation: 4.5/5 - Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop email editor is a quick and simple way of arranging your email layout. There are numerous pre-set elements that you can incorporate into your own messages.

In addition to these standard elements, there are also a plethora of personalization options for you to take advantage of. These include ‘attribute conditions,’ which require some basic coding knowledge to utilize effectively. There are also conditional content settings, enabling certain email  elements to be displayed only to specific contacts. Finally, dynamic lists will allow you to include dynamic content that updates automatically.

You can send autoresponse emails, A/B tests, newsletters, and even SMS messages using Sendinblue.

Template designs: 4/5 - Sendinblue offers users 65 default templates to choose from. Each one is responsive and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, some of them are the same designs with slightly altered layouts.

Email automation: 4/5 - Sendinblue has an impressive array of automation features available. The workflow editor can be used to set up campaigns based around whatever triggers you choose. These triggers could be related to contact data, engagement with your emails, interactions with your website, or even eCommerce activity.

You can test your workflows before you deploy them, something few of Sendinblue’s competitors are offering. The transactional email tools enable users to send transaction messages via SMTP.

List management: 4/5 - These tools enable you to create your own filters to segment your audience based on user behavior or other criteria you set.

Deliverability: 5/5 - Sendinblue has an excellent reputation for deliverability. It is regularly measured as one of the most reliable in ensuring that marketing emails are delivered to recipients successfully.

Reporting and analysis: 3.5/5 - Analytics reports are essential for digital marketers. Data is the best tool we have for assassin the success of past campaigns and planning future endeavors.

Languages: 4.5/5 - Sendinblue is available in six languages; English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Other features: Sendinblue includes robust spam and design testing, enabling you to ensure your emails are composed for maximum impact before you commit to them. These tools also let you see how your emails will display for recipients using specific email clients. 

Pro features: In addition to expanding the authentication options available, Sendinblue’s pro features also include a full-fledged landing page editor. This sleek and modern editor gives you total control over how your landing pages look. There are numerous templates you can choose from and customize, or you can build the page yourself using the drag and drop editor.

Support: 4/5 - Sendinblue has an extensive knowledgebase available. If you run into any problems with the platform, the support staff will call upon this database to hone in on the best solution to your problem. The support staff are available 24/7 thanks to live chat and are responsive to user queries.

Overall rating: 4/5 - In terms of value for money, Sendinblue is a fantastic tool. To access such a wide range of features, you would usually need to spend considerably more.


Looking at Sendinblue’s toolset, it’s immediately obvious they understand email marketing and know what their customers are looking for. This insight has enabled them to compile a list of useful tools for enabling marketers to optimize their campaigns and fine-tune their automation features. Sendinblue is a fantastic platform for maximizing conversions and streamlining digital campaigns.

Sendinblue isn’t going to dethrone the industry titans like ActiveCampaign anytime soon. But it is rapidly gaining ground and giving its bigger competitors plenty to worry about. The generous free plan definitely helps to sell Sendinblue to customers, but this is just one of the platform’s benefits. With paid plans starting at just $25, Sendinblue is also one of the most affordable premium digital marketing services around.

You can try Sendinblue today for free. Once you have experienced the platform and everything it has to offer, you can make an informed decision about whether to invest in a more advanced subscription. Sendinblue is a name you can trust with your digital marketing needs.

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