Best Sales Funnel Builders, Softwares and Tools

1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit has long been one of the most popular email marketing tools available and is a fantastic option for any business that is aimed squarely at audience-building businesses. For example, bloggers and podcasters regularly use ConvertKit as it enables them to easily combine customized landing pages and embedded forms that supplement their email marketing and effectively drive conversions.

One of the reasons that ConvertKit has appealed to these types of businesses is that it enables them to divide their audience into sections using a tagging system. By dividing their audiences into more focussed groups with shared interests, they can easily send customized messages to each group that is designed to appeal to them.

ConvertKit has earned the stellar reputation that it currently holds; it is one of the most dominant brands in the email marketing space right now. The tools on offer are all intuitive and high-quality, meaning that they are easy to use and produce reliable results for businesses.

The one caveat to ConvertKit is that it is a relatively specific tool. As mentioned above, it is mostly of interest to creative businesses that are dependent upon ongoing audience engagement. However, thanks to its ability to integrate seamlessly with a range of other email marketing tools, you can add ConvertKit to most existing workflows. If your business is content-oriented, this is a tool with a lot to offer you.

Key Features of ConvertKit

  • Visual automation editor is powerful and simple to use
  • Easily organize your subscribers using tags
  • Integrate with a range of other tools and software
  • Automated personalized emails are easy to set up and great for reaching out to clients and subscribers
  • Customizable opt-in forms with a streamlined embedding process
  • Gain insight into how your audience interacts with your marketing emails


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent deliverability rates
  • Auto-resend capability
  • Regular updates rolled out
  • Tag-based subscriber system


  • No integration with e-commerce platforms
  • Doesn’t handle multiple clients very well
  • More expensive than other tools

Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders on the market today; it is another tool that has definitely earned its current reputation. While offering users a powerful landing page creator tool, Leadpages doesn’t break the bank and is one of the more reasonably priced options available. Not only is Leadpages affordable, but it is also one of the simplest and most straightforward landing page builders. You can create fully-featured landing pages in no time at all.

But the real standout feature of Leadpages has to be its templates library, which includes a large number of options that are already optimized for mobile users. These templates provide you with a solid base that you can then easily customize by dragging and dropping widgets and other elements onto the page. As you continue to add elements, you can run A/B tests to ensure that your pages are still well optimized and aren’t going to suffer slowdowns because of the number of elements you have added.

Finally, the ability to integrate Leadpages with other marketing and lead generation tools makes it easy to further augment the feature set on offer.

While Leadpages’ builder is simple to use, it is also one of the slower tools out there. It isn’t slow enough to cause any serious problems, but it does make other tools on this list more appealing for some people. However, if your digital marketing is largely focussed on mobile platforms, the range of mobile-friendly templates is very helpful.

Key Features of LeadPages

  • No coding knowledge required thanks to an intuitive drag and drop builder
  • Hundreds of templates you can use to speed up your landing page design
  • Plenty of mobile-friendly templates
  • Easily add advanced elements and widgets to your landing pages
  • Easy to run A/B tests on your landing pages to determine how well optimized your website is
  • A huge number of supported integrations make it easy to combine Leadpages with other lead generation tools.


  • Landing page creation
  • Easy to use interface
  • It is very easy to embed multimedia
  • Plenty of conversion and optimization tools
  • Free trial available


  • Difficult to cancel
  • Analytics have been described as misleading
  • Third-party integration can sometimes fail

ActiveCampaign is one of the most powerful newsletter marketing tools we have ever used. It is a tool that is overflowing with useful features and offers robust integration options to enable you to leverage the full potential of your workflow. For the price you pay, the capabilities you gain access to are truly impressive.

ActiveCampaign is noted for the extensive automation capabilities it offers. Once you have configured things to your liking, you only need to intervene when there is something that you want to change. Other than that, you can simply let your automated procedure do the hard work for you.

The library of around 40 templates might sound limited compared to some of the other options on this list. However, all 40 of those templates are high-quality and responsive. Customization options are a bit too limited for some people, but they are there if you need them.

All in all, this is definitely a worthwhile tool for anyone who already knows what they are doing when executing a marketing campaign. However, if you are new to this, there are probably better options for you. Devising a killer marketing campaign is difficult enough anyway, but if you are just starting out, you need to get the basics down before you start devising your own automated workflows.

Key Features ActiveCampaign

  • Supports multi-channel marketing, enabling you to send customized SMS and email messages.
  • In-depth reports provide users with unprecedented insights, including page visits, geographic tracking, and click-maps for your entire website.
  • Offers free migration from other email marketing tools.
  • Excellent automation capabilities
  • A/B testing enables you to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns
  • Customer support is second-to-none.


  • Great deliverability rates
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Free migration from different email marketing clients
  • Useful if you are managing large databases
  • Offers a simple flow-chart automation system


  • There are a lot of features for newbies to get to grips with
  • Few options for optimizing emails for mobile
  • Not many template customization options

4. ThriveCart

ThriveCart is a tool that deals with the final stage of the sales funnel, the checkout process. Whether you are selling digital or physical products or even subscriptions, ThriveCart makes it easy to produce a suitable checkout page. However, ThriveCart’s feature set goes beyond the ability to take payments from customers. It also offers users the tools they need to boost conversions and increase sales.

For example, you can use ThriveCart to upsell your customers with a single click. This means that when they are checking out, they will have the option of purchasing additional products and services from you at a specially discounted price. All your customers have to do is check a box while checking out. By making it easy and tempting for customers to spend more money with you, you can significantly increase your overall revenues by using relatively small upsells on a large number of orders.

ThriveCart’s focus on the checkout part of the process means that you will need to combine it with other tools in order to manage every stage of your sales funnel. However, thanks to the extraordinary number of integrations that ThriveCart supports, you should have no trouble integrating it into your existing setup.

Key Features of ThriveCart

  • A tool that focusses on the final stage of the funnel: the checkout.
  • Supports both standalone cart pages hosted on your own domain, as well as embedded carts.
  • Includes a built-in funnel builder
  • Supports native A/B split testing
  • Supports an extensive range of integrations, including autoresponders and other tools that augment your sales funnel.
  • It is available for a one-time cost, instead of a recurring monthly subscription like its competitors.
  • One of the best options out there for websites built on WordPress


  • Lifetime price fix
  • Easy to set up
  • Checkout pages have high conversion rates
  • Can be used for physical and digital products
  • Multiple payment processors


  • Could do with more templates
  • User interface is a bit dated
  • Many users have had issues with translations

5. GetResponse

With highly competitive pricing and an impressively robust feature set, GetResponse is an excellent tool to have on your side. Landing pages are one of the most important components of the conversion funnel, and GetResponse offers a range of landing page templates, as well as the ability to design your own if you prefer.

GetResponse is one of the best newsletter tools available, but it can be used to optimize every stage of your funnel. After attracting traffic to your website, GetResponse offers all the features you need to effectively convert them into paying customers. The powerful landing page editor makes it as simple as possible to construct the ideal landing page for your email marketing.

In addition to its advanced integration features, GetResponse also has some very advanced automation capabilities. The workflow builder enables you to automate everything from sending emails to tagging contacts and sales tracking.

But the standout feature of GetResponse is the Autofunnel Feature. This is available even on the cheapest plan they offer and is a simple way of beginning to construct your sales funnel.

Key Features of GetResponse

  • The automated sales funnel generator is very effective
  • Users have the option of either building their own landing pages or using the built-in templates.
  • Enables users to fully automate their email marketing
  • Supports integrations with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and makes it easy to sell your products through any of them. If you already hold an account with any of the supported platforms, it is easy to integrate GetResponse.
  • Recover abandoned orders and reclaim customers that you would otherwise lose
  • Very easy to setup
  • Intuitive navigation makes it easy to find the tools and features you need
  • Review every stage of your funnel and review your conversion rates for each stage


  • UI not as intuitive as some other tools
  • Cost tiers very competitive
  • Simple API integration
  • You can connect forms, emails, and landing pages in one place
  • Building complex campaigns is very easy


  • No free account available
  • Some users report that accounts are closed without warning
  • Customer service isn’t great

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FAQs for sales funnel software

What is a funnel builder?

Sales funnel builder software helps you automate the process of guiding your potential customers through what process of learning what they need to know before becoming a customer or client.

What is the best sales funnel software?

This is why this page exists, we keep it updated to reflect the best performing software in the market, we make sure we include any recent innovations in the industry.

What is the meaning of sales funnel?

A sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) is the buying process that businesses bring potential customers through when purchasing products/services. A sales funnel can also be the process through which a company finds, qualifies, and sells its products to buyers.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

Sales funnels are important because it clearly guides a potential customer through the journey of dealing with potential queries or objections they may need to clear up before being prepared to buy, optimizing this process will often lead to higher revenue. Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into email subscribers, and email subscribers into customers or clients.

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