What is StartupsAnonymous?

This is a community for startup enthusiasts to share stories, ask questions and offer advice free from retribution. Kinda like AA for startups.

Why Anonymous? 

Often times, it’s hard to find people who are willing to talk openly about their struggles and failures. Anonymity provides a sense of security, which allows the person to speak openly and honestly. The result benefits everyone. 

If you’d like to identify yourself or your business, you’re welcome to do so.

Who can submit?

Anyone who has a desire. Stories and questions are reviewed before they will appear on the site. If your submission doesn’t meet some pretty basic standards (human decency, proper grammar, non-promotional, etc.), we may chose not to publish it.

How does this make money?

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If you can’t sponsor us, but still want to be awesome, you can:

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Who is behind this?

StartupsAnonymous.com was created by Dana Severson and Nick Ciske.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us or submit anonymous feedback.