Is Founders Institute worth it?

I have received an invitation to take the test for admission to the Founders Institute. After some coaching from friends I took the test and passed. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth it to enroll? I’m not concerned about the money, but the time needed to pass the course since it will take away time that I…

October 12, 2015

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What do you do when you have a 90% feature-complete project in your hands, a sizeable and eager audience waiting for it to be available, angel funding that excludes salaries to the founders, quite literally no savings, a full-time job, and a release in 2 weeks?

I’m a programmer who’s been working with my partners for 9 months on a project that turns out, has serious legs.  Our pre-launch a month ago blew our expectations.  The response on social media has been incredible. It’s a fintech app for my country of origin, which desperately needs it. Without going into details and…

October 2, 2015

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Taking cash out

Assuming we had cash in our startup. If one founder owns 70% and the other owns 20%, 10% is option pool. What is the ratio in which we can take cash out? The person owning the bigger chunk needs more cash.

September 30, 2015

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Building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships without the drama?

Am a founder in a high growth industry running a <2 year old startup. Ever since I got started, one of my main goals for the company was to build symbiotic relationships with other market participants. Unfortunately however, a large part of these attempts end in burned bridges, bad blood and is a great strain…

September 30, 2015

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Early employee & co-founder arrangements.

Newbie here. What are typical terms to bring in an early employee or new tech co-founder after beta? Is there a way to be fair & generous so they are motivated, while protecting the company if after a certain period they don’t deliver or don’t work out? Do they vest immediately? Appreciate your feedback.

September 22, 2015

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Go on? Quit?

Started working an idea with a friend as a full time employee. I’m beginning to lose interest because there’s no constructive value coming from the friend and it’s taking a toll on me to have a full-time job and this at the same time. I feel I have no social life, no personal time and…

September 22, 2015

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Why do I need a cofounder to get funding or get into an acceletator?

Why do investors and accelerators insist that you must have cofounders versus just hiring the talent you need? The idea that equity cofounders are more committed versus a salaried employee…Well I just dont see that being the case these days. Especially where startups are on every corner or corporations are poaching by offering big salaries…

September 18, 2015

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Bringing new co-founders into your startup

I’m trying to get 3 new people to work with me but one of the guys I brought on board is a nightmare and instead of getting things executed and delivering on what he says he’ll deliver on….he’s trying to take over and turn the team on me. And…he trademarked the name behind our backs…

September 17, 2015

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Startup failed, college ruined, sweetheart not interested, lonely and broken

I built my company and neglected my college studies for 6 months. I tried to build a team, they came and left. We were selected by India’s largest startup incubator, NASSCOM 10K Startups. It didn’t no good. My company is succumbing to lack of money and team. I devoted 2 tough years of my life to my startup and…

September 16, 2015

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What to do now?

I don’t have advisors who know my industry. The market I’m in is not good for consumers. The startup community is a joke, not really a community more of a all hail the leader crap. I don’t want to give up my company as it makes me happy and breaks even, the problem is growth….

September 13, 2015

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