What should I do with my co-founder?

We have been friends for more than four years now and have been working on this idea for the past 10 months. The problem is that he hasn’t contributed much in this time. I didn’t notice initially but when I look back, he really hasn’t done much in this time. Whenever I asked him for anything,…

May 22, 2015

4 Answers

Pricing of a B2B SAAS product.

We are launching a new B2B SAAS product. We could either ask the customer to sign the contract or get the payment via credit card. Our thinking is if he did the payment by credit card, the sales cycle will be much shorter. What is the optimal price point so that customers don’t have to…

May 22, 2015

2 Answers

Take an Executive Assistant role to learn about operating a company?

Started a company. Obtained funding. Company failed. Now, officially unemployed, I am considering taking an Admin position at a local, successful startup. I believe that by working alongside successful entrepreneurs (especially in an Operations position), I’ll be able to learn a significant amount about running a profitable business. However, social pressure typically views “Executive Admin” work…

May 19, 2015

3 Answers

I’m not a culture fit in the company I help run

I am not one of the founders. But I am part of the executive team (i.e. VP-level). I hired more than half of the company – most are my 1st and 2nd level network. Needless to say, with the people I hire, their wavelength are the same as mine. But for the management team, I…

May 14, 2015

8 Answers

Worth collaborating with a remote co-founder?

I’ve met a few potential co-founders online. From different countries. Israel, for instance. 1. Can I trust someone I’ve never met? 2. Is it easy to work remotely? 3. Can I trust someone who’s in another part of the world?

May 14, 2015

3 Answers

Anyone start a business with little or no $?

I have many good ideas, but no $ to invest.  I make pretty good money at my 9-5, my wife makes eh-money but has incredible benefits.  House, 2 kids, etc.  Can’t just up and quit.  Or can I?  Should I?  Anyone have success with crowdfunding?

May 13, 2015

22 Answers

Operating agreement not in place…

Been hard at work for the last year as co-founder of a start-up. Looks like we may be getting our first client. 1) Should I be worried that there is no operating agreement in place.  The CEO keeps telling me he is working on it. 2) the CEO has been fronting his money to pay…

May 13, 2015

5 Answers

Are options worth it?

In the last startup I worked for I got some options, but since the exit was an acquihire, they ended up being meaningless and the only factor was retention bonuses. Now, I’ve been asked to consult for a startup, being founded by someone I know well. I think it has a reasonable chance of success…

May 12, 2015

6 Answers

Can I build something in the same industry as my client?

I’m a developer and I work as a freelancer for different startups. For the last two months, I’ve worked for a startup in consumer space. I learned a lot about that industry in the past two months. I have an idea for startup **in the same industry ** and want to build it. Would there…

May 10, 2015

7 Answers

Can an ex-startup founder ever be a happy employee?

Sold my last startup to an interested party due to feeling stressed/burnt out as a solo founder. Got a job at another startup thinking it’d be great. A position with lots of responsibility without the stress of being a founder? Sounded perfect. I’m a fast-paced worker. Like to execute new ideas quickly. But even though I’m…

May 9, 2015


Cofounder’s Girlfriend

My co-founder constantly checks his phone for text messages from his girlfriend, even when discussing crucial issues, drafting important client emails, and during client meetings. He also wants “work/life balance” by going on numerous dates and having hour long emotional phone calls with said girlfriend. I have given up almost everything in life to try to…

May 7, 2015

14 Answers

New Jersey Investment Culture… Am I the only one experiencing it?

This has happened to me now three times over the last two months and leaving a weird taste in my month. Our startup is a web and mobile app and we are getting ready to launch, lining up our marketing plan and resources accordingly. We are also raising our family/friend/seed round. A set of “investors”…

May 6, 2015

5 Answers

At a crossroad, who do I turn to?

I’m a 40+ year old man living in the heart of silicon valley and completely lost on what to do with my life. I have started five tech companies in the past 15 years and not really had much success except for one which I managed to sell to a friend’s company for a non-trivial…

May 6, 2015

18 Answers