What is success?

90% of startups fail.

That means that 10% are successful.  

What is the definiition of success?


  • This is a hard answer. I started my company out of my garage 10 years ago and today we have 37 amazing employees. We make excellent products, actually make a profit, have great customers and every day I still feel like it is not enough. If someone asks me if I am successful I answer them by saying I am still trying to get there!!

  • It depends on personality and goals.

    For some people, it is enough to make a living (and of course the definition of living varies)

    For others, it is an ego thing (i.e. not money but being recognized, working on social good, etc)

    For me, it is building a company which will net me $10M – an amount which is enough for my needs.

  • Success is 1) having clarity about what you want to achieve. 2) Achieving it. … what ever it is. But one must follow the other.

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