My fiancé started his business 4 years ago, with a lot of hard work finally he got his first round of funding 3 years ago; late that year he proposed to me, finally! After 10+ of relationship ups and down we are close to our happy ending. With VCs on board things started to move fast with the company. Last year he started to travel to San Francisco on monthly basis in search of a second round of funds until he was told by the VCs that he has to relocate to San Francisco for their convenience. That was not part of our plan, cost of living is VERY expensive in SF, I had to quit my job which would make it even more difficult for us to cover the SF lifestyle.

One day he travel to SF for a event and he was supposed to return in 2 weeks but he never did. Weeks after weeks, 3 months later he still not returning and pulling away from me. Always in meeting that would prevent him from speaking to me, a text here and there and a phone call every 2 weeks that would last less than 3 minutes. It has been 3 months and I still don’t know where he is staying or when he is returning as supposedly he is hunting for funds. Finally got to talk to him on a Wednesday trying to arrange a weekend just for us for our 2nd engagement anniversary, I asked him to clear his schedule; I told him I passed an interview with a potential company in SF that we would be together soon. He was super happy and told me he was running into a meeting and that he would call me after that to schedule my trip. 3 Hours later I called him and his answer was that he didn’t know if he was ready to see me again! I spend that weekend crying trying to figure why his sudden change. On top of that the following week I received an email from the company I had the job interview saying I didn’t pass the interview! What???

Time kept passing by and he pretty much moved forward. Every time I told him I was going to relocate far away to move on from the breakup he choked up and asked me to stay but never did anything to reset our relationship. 3 months later this past January he returned and passed by my house. We spoke and he swears there was no one else, that he missed me tremendously and he wanted me to be with him at SF. We spoke about spending Valentines weekend together. Following weeks every time I tried to arrange with him same thing, meetings, conferences calls and so on. All these behavior generated anger, frustration and lack of trust. I searched for all types of help to save my relationship and my wedding that was supposed to take place by the end of this year. He kind of opened the communication a little but didn’t let me visit him on Valentine’s Day due to some “funds approved by VCs”. The story kept repeating weeks after week. I knew it was over. He kept saying it was work related stress and my arguing, that there was no one else. One day he texted me to say he was going to visit his parents abroad and he would call me once he return. 2 weeks later he return and he kind of try to open the communication on daily basis for about 2 weeks; but in the meantime I started to receive blocked phone calls with instructions about how to find pictures on Instagram. It was an escort who was spending time with him since the beginning of his tips to SF. When I finally confronted him he confessed she was introduced to him by the VCs and all of the expensive trips in the pictures were paid by them. That she was no longer an escort. But her pictures says otherwise and the messages with her followers its all about arranging dates, but he is so blind he couldn’t believe it!

Thus, I was not good enough for the VCs to allow me visit my fiancé to SF but an escort is? They spent lot of money to make her look like me (a bad copy of me) because let’s face it butt implants have never looked natural instead they look like a kid with a loaded diaper! Created a ghost position to make her look like a professional with a title like mine, changed her dressing style, even took pictures of her same angle and accessories; pictures of me that I sent to my fiancé. I told him that seems to me they hacked his computer and phone, only way for them to know the details of those pictures.

And it’s true my now ex-fiancé was no saint, he didn’t say no when introduced to that woman, and spending time with her the entire weekend of our engagement anniversary, Christmas, Valentines and summer vacations?? Everything paid by the VC! WOW that VC really hated me, which by the way later on I found out he has also great influence at the company that I passed the interview first and a week later rejected by email, all tactics to push me away from my fiancé.

I hope my bad experience serves as an example for those startups and their spouses or girlfriends watch out not everything is a successful story, mine still is a very sad one. Having to announce the wedding is canceled because my fiancé left one day to not return, to later on find out you were replaced by an escort? Not only is insulting its heart breaking for them I was not good enough as I am from a different country, but I am a professional with a post graduate degree and multimillion dollar sales record! I’m just frustrated that I lost the best years of my life on someone that at the very first opportunity he had for cheating he took it and didn’t hesitate to say no I am engaged!

It will take me a while to move on but I already started that process!

  • I am really sorry to hear this. Some VCs are just pure assholes. An angel investor I know always brags about the escorts he had.

    I know it’s hard but try to get back in your feet. Time will heal some of the wounds. Good luck

  • This is insane. I’m sorry that you had to go through this. But ultimately, your fiancee was the d-bag here and needs to take responsibility for their actions.

    That said, I really wish you could tell us who the players are!

  • It wasn’t the VC, it was your Fiancé’s doing. As hard as it may have been to go through all that, you’re lucky you learned your so-called Fiancé’ real personality BEFORE you got married (& wasted more of your life on this loser).

    The VC may have given him her #, or even made an introduction, but VC’s wouldn’t waste their time (& money) on such antics. Getting “you out of the way” just isn’t part of their plan. (I’m a guy who raised $20m in VC funding and was newly married when I did it).

    The next time a guy goes 2 weeks without calling (for whatever reason), then give up and move on — he just wasn’t that into you and you were being naive to not realize you were getting blown off.

    Treat this like getting fired from a job you hated. Move on and find a better one — you’ll be much happier in life because of it.

    Good luck to you.

  • You sound really young, which is great! There are many years left to spend with someone who will actually care about you!

    This guy sounds not only young, not ready, but is foolish. Any man that relies on an escort does so at his long term peril. Sure, it seems great on the surface – pay for sex and companionship to get you through the lonely nights to leave you free and ready for work and whatever else needs to be done. Sure paying someone to be there is great because when you don’t pay, they go away. But that’s where the sadness kicks in. When he fails to perform, those vc’s will toss him aside. When he looks up and is penniless and unaccomplished, he won’t have anyone that loves him regardless of what he does next. He won’t have a family to help him realize his worth, to hug him when he’s worried about paying rent… And even when he is on top of the world, with all those people worshipping him, he will never know the feeling of a hand on his chest after a long day that will reach for his chest even when he has experienced failure.

    If you truly loved him, what I just said causes you pain. But unfortunately, it’s his burden to bear for a lifetime. Only yours to bear until you meet someone that is not as selfish and naive.

    No man can destroy true love that binds two people who are ready to be together. And VC’s don’t destroy relationships – lack of trust, commitment, communication or transparency does. If he isn’t ready to commit, communicate, or be transparent, he is NOT marriage material.

    Take your tears and your years as a learning experience to be ready for someone amazing that will sweep you off your feet and not let you go.

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