As a startup is it best to completely ignore trolls or respond with calm and logical answers?

I have a startup that is gaining some traction and I am taking the idea to communities across the web to gain feedback. The process is invaluable and positive for the most part. But as anywhere, there are trolls that come out to feed. Since this involves my business, I bite my tongue and don’t respond in a fasion that I would typically. But is it better to not respond at all and completely ignore them, or respond with rational and logic points which they will find hard to argue against?

  • Maybe you can take some key points they are attacking and put a Q&A style section in some place to logically answer them. This is definitely not for trolls but for your rest target audience.

  • “troll” is somewhat subjective douche Trolls are obvious and should be ignored.

    Their “contributions” are entertainment and if not abusive add variety , like the occasional streaker or guy behind the reporter being a goof.

    I prefer to sign most of my posts and not be anon, is that trolling ? depends on subjective perception.


  • If you can respond to them with humor, do it. If not, just ignore them. Don’t let the trolls bring you down, they are not your customers and would never be your customers. They are just trying to justify their unhappiness with themselves but knocking what you have done.

  • Data beats opinion IMHO

    Shut them down with data, if your data can’t beat their opinion, it maybe time to reflect 🙂

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