Have product 95% built, functioning in a public beta environment, and CTO has lost all interest due to full time job.

I have a product that is 95% built. There are only a couple small things that need to be done at this point. I have a public beta site, this is an enterprise product, and have an additional 3 customers in the contracts stage for a December implementation. I also have a co-founder that wants nothing to do with this product or company due to a full time job and of course….. a woman. I understand there’s life that has to happen and agree, however we are so close it’s not even funny.

At this point I’m stuck in a spot where I need an interim or part time CTO to fill his shoes. He has refused to do any more work for the most part because he says “he’s not allowed to code” due to his job.

Thoughts? I have a couple meetings next week with our lawyer to get all the paperwork in order and he has advised me this is an incredibly common scenario.

  • Try Craigslist gig section. Try to find someone who can

    fill in the part like an actor. Might have to pay a bit more for this

    extra bit of effort.

  • These are some risks that have to be mitigated beforehand , however I have various plans for such a scenario. What type of code base is it? Web app , software or app?

  • Your statement is confusing. So do you have an unavailable co-founder that is a woman and also a CTO, that cannot code, who is a man?

    Or is it just one person that you need to replace, as CTO?

    • I think he meant that the CTO is now unavailable because they now have a non-compete from a job and a woman in his life. From that bit of information, I’m going to assume the following:

      The job with a non-compete is new. If this is the case, how long were they working on your beta site without pay before being forced to find a job in order to live/eat?
      The woman in his life is new. We all know how much effort new relationships require. It may be that your CTO is not seeing a positive ROI with you and your company and is seeking to spend his energies in a more rewarding way.

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