My co-founder is sleeping with our employee

To start with, my co-founder thinks that he’s GOD. Apart from being married and being in a committed relationship, he is having an affair with an employee. That employee looks after marketing. Now she is supposed to look after most of the departments.

In the last 2 years, she hasn’t been able to achieve anything and my co-founder keeps covering her ass. He just increased her salary to 4X. Due to her, he has made my, and my investor’s life, miserable. He has almost fired me from all my responsibilities, the reason being that I questioned her and denied further budget. Recently due to her, we fired our most important and loyal employee. He was respected more than us. My co-founder not only fired him but also shut down the project he was working on. Literally bringing that guy to his knees.

Due to his behavior, now I have lost the next best set of employees. They will be leaving by the end of this month.

Due to her, at least 15 employees have left the company. He is not listening to anyone and taking decisions which are good for that girl and not for the company. Anyone who misbehaves with her is eventually fired or publicly humiliated. The whole company knows this.

I don’t have any idea what to do next.

  • Talk to your investor. Perhaps you can push him out somehow with evidence of his lack of good judgement. Also, get out while you can.

  • 1st Talk to the Investor, his investment is on the line in a poorly managed business.

    If he can “fire” you, means you have actually very little say in the business.

    One option is to aggregate all the investors until the combined ownership in the company exceeds his and fire him. 2 yrs of poor performance is plenty for a discussion about firing him!

    Know your share and ownership position well, and know your rights around it. He can bully all he wants, but he is can’t touch your shares or go against your rights as a share holder.

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