How much do you charge for a pilot with large enterprise companies?

We are in work safety space – our software increases focus so people have fewer accidents – and our potential clients are large enterprises who have the infrastructure to do safety training and track the data.  We have data from a study that show our software dramatically decreases accidents.

Our first customer is a large construction company and they are willing to pay $50,000, which will get them the platform and if they roll it out company wide, that amount will come off the yearly subscription price. We are negotiating timing now.  This is a new product category so we have to set the market.

Has anyone done pilots with large enterprises?  What have you charged for the pilot and what did you deliver for that?  What have you based your pilot on?

  • Didn’t you say they’d be willing to pay $50K? Just charge 50K. There’s no best practices for pilots. Some people charge zero, some people charge “engineering costs”, some people charge hundreds of thousands.

  • Whatever you think it should be – add 50%. You need a buffer with enterprise. They move slowly and stuff you around. It will always take longer with them and money is rarely the issue. That is my experience.

  • Co-founder here.

    Thanks everyone. I was looking for best practices and it sounds like you take what you can get for pilots.

    They have a limited budget for pilots and $50K is 15% of their global budget for pilots this fiscal year. We wanted $150K to build, travel etc.

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