I knew I wasn’t playing entrepreneur when ….

Awhile back I had a moment where I knew I wasn’t a playing “entrepreneur” and I’m curious to see if anyone else had a similar ah ha experience.  

For me that day was when I was sitting at Starbucks after a fight with my spouse, fuming, my mind racing and trying to calm down. I just needed to get out of the house. While at Starbucks I overheard a couple talking about how they were excited for their wedding, possible dates, family, yada yada yada. My startup is related to the event space and weddings are very much in the wheelhouse. While sitting there eavesdropping I was having an internal dialogue about how I need to reach out to them, but I’m so scared, but if I don’t reach out to them then what the fuck am I doing here, do it, don’t do it, damn I’m scared and then I thought I have to do it otherwise I should just go back and get a full time job. I thought to myself, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a faker? Are you ACTUALLY willing to do what it takes?!

I got up.

I talked to them. My early pitch was horrible. My voice shook. They were nice. I gave them my card and never heard from them. That was it, but I still look at that day as that was the day that I decided that I was in it.

As seemingly insignificant as that day was, it’s had a lasting impact on me. I’m excited to see if anyone else had that defining moment.

  • Yup. Shyte pitch is a pre-requisite. And then you sell something. It doesn’t matter how awful the pitch may be, or how horrible the delivery would be. You sell that thing you do. And then you keep doing it. Nothing fake about what you mentioned!

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