What gets me through it as a bootstrapped founder

I left a very high paying job about two years ago in order to bootstrap my own business which I believe will one day solve the many problems I observed in the industry I left.  I am still building the product, I anticipate launching a beta soon.

Sometimes, once a week, sometimes once a day, I freak out.  I think “what have you done!  You were making good money, you had a stable job, and you left it.”

During those times, I remind myself how low my risk profile really is.  I have everything I need, and I will always have what I need: food, shelter, and people who love me.  And that thought makes it better.

  • “What’s the worst that can happen” – you have to go back to your high paying, stable job. One step at a time, beta will come soon enough.

  • Don’t wait any longer to launch. Your bootstrapping hasn’t begun until you start selling. Otherwise you’re just taking time off to build cool stuff. Have been bootstrapping for almost two years. What keeps me going is the next sale. You gotta love the thrill of the hunt or you won’t last.

  • Brace yourself for more psychological turmoil.The biggest fear of bootstrapping is an eves dropper funding your idea and scaling it faster than you would.While you piddle around watching every dime. .Business is a fierce , gut wrenching mind game. Read what happened to GT Advanced Technologies this week.

    You made a choice and have to live with it. There’s an old saying I live by :

    “Either get into it — or get out of it ” Good luck !!

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