Developer drama

Why are developers so emotional? I thought they were supposed to work logically, but we always have to manage their emotions more than any other type of contractor. They’re divas, don’t finish projects and break confidentiality agreements. It has been awful.

  • Developers are human beings just like everyone else. Human beings are drama prone. You’re not hiring a robot.

  • Yah sure but also, developers are the glorified ones in a culture that constantly reinforces their snowflake qualities, would be great if there was a hitlist of the prima donna divaish non-finishing -job timewaster ones -like

  • Maybe you’re expecting too much from the developer. I’ve come across the same number of developer drama king/queens as I’ve come across any other profession.

  • I don’t know. Many of the devs I’ve come across are flakes at best and have this I’m the shit attitude. Have to break it to them, but aside from the top 10%, the rest are nothing more then a commodity. Sort of like laptops, cd drives, memory cards. Nothing more.

  • Developers = front lines soldiers. You’re the general, complaining how the guys going on patrol keep coming back emotional?

    You make strategies on paper. They go try to adapt that to the reality underneath. Guess what – nothing ever goes as expected. Most of the time you will never know the shit they went through to accomplish the goals. Most of the time, they will never get the credit.

  • The only measure of how “on-time” a development project is must be based on how much time you would haven taken to do it on your own.

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