Ask Me Anonymously, Founder Confessions and more …

Dana here, cofounder/moderator of Startups Anonymous.

You may notice a few differences on the site today. We’re launching a few pretty exciting (at least to us) features that have been requested by all of you.

First, on the righthand sidebar, or elsewhere for those with smaller screens, you’ll see two new additions:

  1. Ask Me Anonymously. This is a guest angel investor that has agreed to answer your questions for the next week. He/she is going to remain anonymous, allowing them to give you straight, honest answers. What I can tell you is that this person is an active angel that invests in an average of 5 companies per year. Also, he/she is a current founder of a well-known startup and graduate of YCombinator. Please keep questions geared towards the topic of investing, YC and/or company building. You can ask your questions here.
  2. Topical Confessions. Starting in July, you’re going to be seeing a new Startups Anonymous series appearing on called Founder Confessions. Each week will be looking for your assistance on new topics. This week we’re asking the question: What’s the most horrific experience you’ve had with a cofounder? Your anonymous confessions will be included as part of the series. If you’re willing to share, you can submit your confession within the sidebar.

Finally, we’ve heard from many of you that you’d like the option to reach out to the author of posts. Obviously, that becomes challenging as an anonymous site. However, today we’ve launched a solution that we think will help.

Now, when you share a story, confess or ask a question, you’ll be given the option to provide your email address (or anonymous email address) along with your post. If you choose to do so, an option will appear within the post, allowing others to contact you. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT BE REVEALED unless you reply back to them directly.

You’ll see this feature appear at the bottom of the submission page.

That’s it for now. More changes to come.

PS: Don’t be afraid to share posts. We love that shit.

  • Thanks for adding those features. However, when are you going to add the feature that I requested? I requested that posts be bumped up when someone responds, that way they don’t just disappear forever; sort of like Reddit.

    People won’t scroll down too far so older posts just get ignored even if they’re great topics. It would make sense to bump up older posts if someone replies to them; that way the discussions stay heated.

    • Yep, it’s a great idea and on the docket. I’m not sure it will end up exactly as you’ve described, but we’re working towards a solution.

      Keep the suggestions coming!

      • Thanks. I look forward to you implementing that feature. I hate to see a great thread die down because it keeps going down the page so nobody notices it.

  • This “ask-me-anonymously” thing isn’t working. Asked a relevant question yesterday (and sure some others probably have too) and nothing yet? If the answerer isn’t available on the fly, then you should state what window of time he’ll actually be at his PC answering. I didn’t want to cross-post into general forum, but now I wish I did because at least someone else might have answered meanwhile.

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