Where do you get good advisors (not necessarily tech-oriented)?

What is a good resource to find advisors or get advice on a consistent basis? I could just keep posting here, but feels like I’m talking to a white wall.

No offense!

  • Personally/socially, by attending related events, meeting those experienced in areas you need help with, seeing if you both gel (knowledge means nothing if the person rubs you the wrong way), then following up after meeting, then (if person is generally responsive), occasionally contacting the person whenever you need insight.

    All that said, I have no advisors. Tried looking for them and realized
    a) Professionally, nobody really knows sh*t in startup world and they are literally making it up as they go[1]
    b) Personally, what I need is regular motivation via a cheerleader, which enables me to attack everything else.

    [1] If you’re super young and inexperienced, then you might still find value in very basic advice. Not so for more experienced professionals.

  • Problem about advisors is they tend to offer conflicting advice. Mostly its because they don’t really give too much of a sh*t so they just toss cliched words at you.

    I too have no advisors but I’ve been around the school of hard knocks for a decade and yeah they’ve been painful.

    When looking for advisors I’d suggest someone who cares about you as a person, they tend to listen and try to give meaningful suggestions.

  • I’d go the non-traditional route if you can, finding people who are super knowledgeable about small business and building companies/brands, but may not be in the startup world. You’ll likely have a lot more luck approaching them and getting thoughtful feedback. The startup advisor world is so saturated that I think people are over -‘advising.’ Think outside the startup box and you may have more luck.

  • I think it depends on your business. Ar e you building a product or providing a service? The answer may help you narrow down the search. If you’re in the tech world you might want to network with industry lawyers, accountants and bankers and let them know the kind of person you’re looking to add value and connections. Once they’ve conducted some due diligence on you and your firm they may jump at the chance to help. They may not always have the answers but you might find that either they may be interested themselves or they know someone who might fit your needs. They have a vested interest in helping you because for them it’s a “soft dollar” investment that buys loyalty and new business. Good luck.

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