What’s up with the criminal case against Douglas Tarlow for blackmailing Vinod Khosla’s family?


  • Seems like the article and comment cover the situation completely, what else exactly are you looking to discuss?

    • Wondering what’s going to happen: will it actually get to court? Will he actually be jailed or get away with it? etc. Weird because nobody else aside from Gawker and TMZ reported on it.

      • I care because anyone brazen enough to use threat of revenge porn to blackmail an ex should not get away with. Especially not someone who passes himself off as a good member of startup community/

        • Well, clearly law enforcement is dealing with him so don’t worry about it. You fretting about it won’t help the police or FBI in any way; just live your life.

      • Since he is taking advantage of me. I care about it now. I wish the cop put him in jail long time ago. Then, now I wont be a victim of him.

  • i also have been a victim of this scumbag, in columbus ohio.

    if anyone knows his address, please post it, so that we might be able to take next steps by way of lawsuit, etc.

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