Vegas tech startups: What’s the real story?

I’m not sure what to believe in the media. Is this really as big of a disaster as they’re making it seem or is it artifical hype?

What’s going on in Vegas?

  • I decided to take a look for myself when I visited Vegas last year to gauge whether it will be a good place to base my startup (the Nevada tax benefits being one of the considerations).

    I drove to “downtown” project during lunch hour and it felt hollow. The area around Fremont East on a weekday had no vibe at all. There were a few startup folks in the cafe milling working on their laptops but it didn’t feel like the cafe’s in San Francisco which is always brimming with people coming in and out and just felt alive. I didn’t even stick around for lunch.

    Now more than a year has passed since then but DTP has been around for far longer. Maybe the place comes alive at night? (I don’t mean the Fremont Experience of course).

    Some people blame Tony for not trying harder to create affordable housing around the project to attract the art/hipster/non-startup crowd that are so important the the vibrant life of NYC and SF, but whatever the reason, I left feeling that DTP would bore the crap out of me.

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