Two promising products. What should I do?

Couple of months ago, I joined a startup as the 1st developer and cofounder (team of 4 including me). We built and launched a consumer mobile app. Unfortunately, it didn’t have many users. So, I started doing some surveys and customer interviews and suggested some changes.

Those discussions led to some changes in the product, but right now the product doesn’t have a unique selling proposition. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this space, so we have a lot to learn to build a successful product in this domain.

Meanwhile, one of my side project has gained some traction and couple of people have contacted me to ask about the future plans of that product. This includes an angel investor and author of best selling book in this space. My cofounders don’t know about this project.

Right now, we have investors showing interest in both products. If I concentrated in making my side project into a business, that would negatively impact the funding of the other startup. Should I keep it as a side project for few months ?

What would you do if you were in my position?

  • First and foremost; you have to feed yourself and your family. Assuming, this is not impacted by your decision, double down on the one that you’re most passionate about. I’m selfish so I’ll pick my own project before the one with more founders because it’s more fulfilling for me even if it fails- likely this is the one I’m most passionate about. Things will get rough– it’s pretty much a fact– and when it does, I have a better chance of sticking with the one I care about deeply.

  • Ask yourself if your personality is that of a business grower or a product developer. If the former, do your own thing. But be honest with yourself (to thy own self be true). If you’re best fit is as a product developer, do that.

    I personally think that developers make great business people due to their logical (non emotional) approach. If you’ve got a sprinkle of risk-taking mindset, I’d go with your own venture.

    I often wonder why our devs don’t go do their own ventures.

    Best of luck!

    • OP here,

      I will be fit in between them. I believe i can lift the venture into another stage. So I might need some expert hands to push it further.

      Currently, I’m doing some customer interviews, and product may need to change according to that.

      Probably i will jump into this project within a months. But I have to find a way to fix my absence in the current startup.

      and of course, Thanks for the wishes.

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