Trouble with product name

I’m having a small difficulty.

I have been working hard this last few months on a new idea and started an quick mvp to test the concept.

Even though the idea seems solid and people who I talked to reacted positively to the idea, I can’t seem to get visitors to the site.

After some research I discovered that what might be the problem is the name itself and people may be put off by it. It’s not obseen in any way, but numerous sites have similar names that may add to confusion. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of these sites since they don’t appear on the top of the list in Google search.

Can you give any advise on how to successfully name a product?

Are there services which help in such things because I really can’t come up with a good name and need to come up with one soon?

  • The name it’s not the problem, try some acquisition and activation tactics, google growth hacking.

    In any case, an action verb for a name is a good start, but I’m 99% sure the name isn’t the problem.

  • I bet you have good names but the domains are taken. Don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly fine to use alternate domains until you get traction. Heck even Facebook did it.

    If your domain is foo. Here are some suggestions. Tryfoo. etc. or go to google and search for domain suggestion tools

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