Thinking of traveling while I work on my startup

I’m one of those people that are constantly on the move – living and traveling to different cities throughout the year. Current location is NYC and I love it, but I’m starting to feel claustrophobic again and I’m eying Brazil or Italy.

Problem is, I’m working on a startup (obviously) though I’ve barely scratched the surface of launching. I’ve read that it’s important for solo founders to try to put a team together as quickly as possible, that being true, I would stay in NYC and grind it out alone while networking for partners. But I’m of mind that I’m not even at that stage – there’s no product or customers yet – so moving abroad wouldn’t affect the business (yet).

Do I need to sit my ass down in Brooklyn and try to make it happen, or am I able to quench my wanderlust for a few months while working on the demo?

  • You need to come across as someone serious rather than a fly by night. When people go travelling normally it’s a code word for not ready. Much like going for a job interview. When they look at your history if you are bouncing around you look flakey. If an investor sees your background it will make them think do I bother with a person that jumps countries or someone that hangs around for the grind.

  • Obviously you can do whatever you want before you launch the company. The key is whether you’re looking for a co-founder or not. If you want one, stay put (well technically you might find a co-founder at meet ups all around the world), if not, then go travel. It would take you longer to get the startup off the ground and someone else might beat you to the punch, but your startup might fail anyways and hence you’d regret not scooting around when you have the chance.

  • As someone who has started their own business while traveling I say go for it. You never know what wonderful connections you might make along the way. Other people should stop being so closed minded where you are does not always change what you can achieve but maybe how you will achieve it. It does also depend on the type of start up. Not all businesses need to be cemented to one place to think about that as well.

  • If you go to Hong Kong you will find plenty of investors and they are dying for entrepreneurs to come build business there. Visa’s are easy and setting up a company as a foreigner is not a problem.

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