What do you think of all the hype around Ello? (New social networking platform)

  • I think that Facebook (as we know it today) is eff’d. Not because of this product, but because of what it represents. All you need to do is look at the actions of the incoming generations to see what lay ahead.

    A truly refreshing change in the social space would be a 100% not for profit network that’s built by the people (for the people). Think Wikipedia.

    • Wikipedia is easier to police than Facebook. You need hundreds of employees to make sure that everything runs smoothly; like for instance making sure that people don’t post pornography, death threats, etc.

      At this point I don’t think that anything will defeat Facebook. It’s just gotten too big and too well ingrained in peoples daily lives. Habits are hard to break. Bing failed at trying to get people to switch over from Google, because people are already too used to searching with Google.

      • I think you just made my point. Because you need so many people policing the content, Wiki style would be a benefit.

        Also, it may be ingrained to the later generations way of life, but incoming generations won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Once it became the place for parents (and grandparents), it lost the interest of the children.

        Mind you I have no empirical evidence to support this, just based on anecdotal discussion.

  • I was about to post the same after Mike Butcher of TechCrunch gave such a glowing and effusive review.

    After the utter failure of anti-facebook and anti-twitter clones, one would assume Ello would follow the same path. The fact that Mike so totally papered over those concerns leads me to believe he’s chummy with the founders at some level.

    There’s nothing here people.

    • Also, ello sudden rise is basically due to outrage among the cross dressing community, since Facebook won’t allow them to use their stage names on their profiles. I predict that this site will have it’s 15 minutes of fame like the app Yo did, and will then quickly fade away into obscurity within a couple of months.

    • Mike wrote: “its a pretty basic social network with the bare minimum of features” and yet “its about to get somewhere”.

      Really. How about we go for a round of drinks Mike and I can tell you all about my startup.

      • There’s a reason it looks very basic. They are going to keep it ad free and sell features. I think if they can keep it clean looking and sell features it will take off. When they try and sneak ads on there too it’ll be the end of the concept.

        • So you’re saying you’ll pay for features? The death knell for startups is listening to people who say..

          a) I won’t pay but I’m SURE someone else will

          b) I can see myself paying for it.

  • Wow. I have an MVP social network I built single-handedly and is way more feature-pack than this bare-bone built by a team. So yeah… this is all hype right now. My startup already has 40,000 members and getting 500+ new users daily just from friend-invites. When it’s time to go public, you all gonna know what it is.

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