Sun Tzu or Shady?

We’re entering into a space with a very disruptive product.

A competitor offers large rewards ($10k+) for solving single instances of the problem which our product does largely automatically.

Can we collect these rewards, and leverage them instead of a next round of funding?

This, of course, is using our enemy’s strengths against them to strengthen us.

Is it right? Legal?

Any other thoughts?

  • Are you sure you’re not just helping your competitor? The fact that they offer this reward surely means that they profit much more than $10k for every instance of the solution they get.

    Other than that…

    If you weren’t competing, there would be nothing shady about automating a solution to a problem someone is paying you for solving, and I can’t see any reason why the fact that you are competing matters.

  • Find out why they are paying rewards for this solution. If it’s that important that means there is a market for your work (even if it’s automated) and that’s a big part of your business plan/revenue model. Don’t give it away for cash…. Leverage it for future fund raising rounds!

  • I would say use your automated solution, but I would feel bad about High Frequency Resolution. Furthermore, if you make it obvious, they’re going to figure it out. Then there will be a legal battle.

    Sun Tzu would be not underestmating your enemy. And winning the war without ever going to battle.

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