How do I shut down human resources for any company?

They are the ones that hire you, and they are the ones that fire you.

I’ve worked in a lot of companies (with H.R ) and now I have my own. My opinion is just my opinion but solidly funded in that H.R is cancer for any company.

I’ve seen talented engineers getting fired due to bad management, These engineers put their heart and vision in some ambitious contracts. I’ve seen line workers getting fired for taking a nap when there is nothing else to do but rest. These line workers always offered to cover extra hours and holidays (I was one of them). I’ve heard many people getting fired due to budget , but there is always budget for H.R.

H.R is always in the office interviewing people, and they hardly talk to other colleagues in the job and they hardly know the problems of co-workers. The reason being that co-workers always felt inferior to H.R. I have never seen anybody from H.R getting fired either for budget, bad management or taking a nap.

My company is not a small company, but business partners and investors want a human resources department. I have I always dealt with new applicants, from engineers to janitors, just by reviewing their resume and talking to them. I’m not a psychologist, nor have I studied that, but in the end I’ll never know if that person will steal from me, if that person is going to hate me or if that person will become a liability. What I know is that he is doing his job and not messing up anything related. After 3 months, I check up on them if they made any mistakes (which are reasonable) and I interview them once again. I also ask their superiors for feedback, and most of the time I approve the employee.

Am I the only company like that? What other options do I have instead of H.R so I can keep investors and business partners calmed?  Why do so many people think H.R is necessary?

  • Although I am in HR if you have good management and can stay up to date on any new laws that pass then you might not need HR. But lets be honest not all companies have good management….

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      Do you let HR do what they’re supposed to do? Did you pay attention to Julie Ann Horvath contretemps at GitHub and GitHub’s subsequent efforts to transform that workplace culture?

      Seems narcissistic of you to chose to ignore concerns of your investors and business partners and believe your way of handling employees is guaranteed to keep everyone safe, protected and happy.

      You sound like a red flag employer to be avoided at all costs.

  • I completely agree with you. In my opinion the only legitimate task the HR department can do is payroll.

    I don’t get how some companies delegate finding new applicants to HR. HR professionals know nothing about what the company does, its processes, the skills required to do every task, so how are they supposed to find suitable people? And they know this, so they usually make conservative decisions, leaving out the most fit candidates (those that are a little different). In the end, the company becomes a big sandbag of mediocrity.

    A friend of mine recently underwent 11 interviews before being hired by a big corporation. 11! I personally wouldn’t stand it, and would walk away at the third. It seems like a lack of respect to me. And that is the kind of process that HR people think is a good idea.

    I believe this is an issue on which you must stand firm. Don’t let your investors or anyone else change your company’s culture. That is by no means their prerogative. And you are absolutely right!

  • I find the title of the post interesting. How do I shut down HR for any company. Does this mean you want to go around shutting down other companies HR? And instead teach your method of HR?

  • If you have a company of less than 100, 2 people working in HR with management playing an active role in hiring may be an easier answer than firing all your HR team.

    Also, integrating HR into other parts of the company so that they can see what the company needs is a huge benefit.

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