Scaling back just after launch?

We’ve just launched our company and the offering is really broad. I’m finding that my co-founder is very much taking it in a direction that I don’t agree with. It’s coming up on six months now – I’m tempted to scale back and not close the company but just re-group for fear that we’re going down the wrong road (almost exclusively) – is this required? Equally, is there a danger (to reputation or brand) if we continue down this road too far?

Just as much as the company, I feel like his journey down this path is a bad sign that he’s not thinking the same thing I am… is it time to split or change?



  • Don’t worry about reputation or brand starting out. If your service has value random people will sign up who have never heard of you when you started. They’ll google for your service (out of need) and find you and won’t bother if you “messed up” the launch. I do agree startups should start with a narrow focus then broaden (although it would be harder to get funding for narrow solutions – so its a double edged sword).

    Co-founder issues are common and often deadly to a company. If you feel unhappy in this relationship it might be worth discussing a way where you buy him out or vice versa.

  • Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked “what is their #1 mistake?”

    Both of them said: Focus.

    A business needs to focus to succeed.

    The more “niche” you are, the easier the sales cycle will be.

    If you company is young, focus on sales and making money. Other problems can be solved later on.

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