Should I quit this startup?

Our prototype is a year old but it’s buggy. Our launch date has been pushed out repeatedly. We have an awesome idea but we just can’t seem to ship it.

Btw, I’m a non-tech team member.

  • If you’re not in a position to change the team, it seems likely they will continue to not execute until the money’s gone. I would bail.

  • I was at a startup with buggy late software. It was due to a sr engineer who didn’t have a clue with a CEO who didn’t realize it.

    When we made it clear that the engineer was tanking the company to sr management they woke up and fired his ass. We then hired a REAL developer who proceeded to fix the shit and were now on track.

    In this space it’s hard to separate the competent from the bullshitters if sr management is non tech.

    • Also at a startup it’s hard to fire the early engineers because the worry is younger have to start from scratch. The CEO actually suspected the programmer was a slacker but was too afraid to do anything about it.

      It’s too bad we wasted 8 months before dealing with it. So much time and money wasted.

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