Pre-nup? Is a startup exposed in a divorce?

Just about to launch my startup I’ve been working on the past year. I’m a solo founder with no investors yet. If I were to get married this year, would I need a prenup to protect the startup?

Can a potential divorce take any part of the startup or its ownership or profit?

    • Definitely a problem if you don’t have a corporate entity. Depending on the state you probably still need a prenup (and in CA that might not be enough to protect your entire interest in the company).

  • There are many factors depending on where you live as well. Generally what you own but don’t work on before marriage ie passive investments/property is yours but if you have a business that you work on during marriage it might be subject to a split during divorce regardless if you incorporated or not.

    Best consult a lawyer.

      • ++1

        Its simply being responsible to protect something you build especially along with other founders. No one can forsee the future. Your co-founders, employees and any investors expect you to retain ownership & shouldn’t be put at risk of your personal decisions.

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