The part-time Co-founder

Just started my first company, previously only co-founded in a later stage… Just build the concierge MVP myself  and now I would like to automate all the processes.  I found a co-founder who is actually perfect, however that person is not able to work in the company full-time.. only 2 days.. the person is super motivated to work in this company.. however, I’ve already noticed that things are not going as fast as it could be due to this persons absence.. What would you do?

1) Can you build a company with a co-founder who is not full-time in the company, what is the minimal amount of time the other person should be active in the company?

2)How much shares can you give someone who is not full-time in the company but doesn’t earn any income? 

  • If your business isn’t making any money then most of the value of the business is yet to be created. Which means you can give the co-founder a lot of equity without feeling bad about it.

    When you’re working part-time or working in a small team you just have to be smart about your priorities. 2 people will never be able to do the work of 30 people, no mater how motivated or how many hours they work. Once the money starts rolling in your co-founder can join full time. Nothing unusual about that.

  • Your question shows you dont even know what co-founder means.
    There is no such a thing as “actually perfect co-founder”. Like “perfect husband”
    There is no such a thing as “part time co-founder”. Its like you are asking for a “part-time wife”.
    I can not respond to your questions. All I can say you need way so many amount of hours to spend time and understand what co-founder means. Its the single most important thing in startuping up. its maybe 10 times harder than marriage.
    The guy is asking you to move in now. “part time”
    If someone believes in you, will quit the job in a day will be there fore you tomorrow.
    Its like you ask a woman to marry you. she will say yes or no right a way.
    she will not ask you if you can be a “part time husband” I have another “boy friend” ….
    I m bored. I gotta go, good luck,
    you seems like a nice man. Game is hard, keep digging!
    drink whiskey with ice, try to find what you want to do more. dont get distracted with co-founder. it will come the day you will marry your co-founder and you build a great company.
    -ok good luck.

  • If they can either

    A) automate the process, or

    B) Take some of the workload off of you to free up time for you to automate the mvp yourself

    then it sounds like you’ve found an employee rater than a cofounder(youv’e already founded) (check with your legal/accountanct team, but some countries allow a director-employee to work for free(the company owes them wage in directors account they wave in return for right to cash in for equity later.(This assumes you can’t actually pay any cash)

    Work out amount of equity you think would be fair for someone working fulltime then pro rata that.

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