What to do now?

I don’t have advisors who know my industry. The market I’m in is not good for consumers. The startup community is a joke, not really a community more of a all hail the leader crap. I don’t want to give up my company as it makes me happy and breaks even, the problem is growth.  My personal runway has ended. Do I build a company with a friend in another country, move back home with friends and keep building the company, or stay here and continue to fail from these hurdles and work a shit job until I have a nervous breakdown and find myself homeless on the streets unable to get back up? 


  • I would say you should call Gartner or Forrester for industry advice, but ti sounds like you have already given up on your company…

  • Put the company on hold, take a breather, get your life (and financials) in order – e.g. get another job and save up a buffer again.

    Later, perhaps if you feel like it you can restart the business, I’m sure the market wouldn’t have moved so much in 6 months to make your business irrelevant (and if it does then you just saved yourself a lot of grief).

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