How many of you are tired of the bullshit speak coming from the Sharing Economy startups?

I’m sick of startups such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Postmates wax lyrical about how they’re empowering people, helping people pay their rent and create awesome community when it’s obvious these companies are just driven by the almighty dollar?

Every time I hear their kumbaya pitches it make me want to puke. If you follow these companies closely and look past their well manicured pitches you can clearly see they’re treating their users as pawns, using Google’s tried and true “Don’t Be Evil” strategy of  Good (their service) against Evil (overbearing government, rude taxi cabs, greedy expensive hotels).

I’m all for capitalism and the pursuit of profit. I just cannot stand the hypocrisy.

  • Airbnb: We’re love you and are here for you… until you get in trouble with the city, then its your own problem for not understanding the local laws.

    Uber: We’re doing a great job regulating ourselves, until an Uber driver gets in trouble and then its oh, its not our problem he doesn’t “actually” work for us.

    Postmates: We love our community, unless you’re a complainer… then “please f**k off”.

  • Many of these start ups hire through apps.

    They lure you in with acceptable pay, then move you around and the pay gets lower with more hours and sudden schedule changes.

    Turn over is high.

    Start ups are Bullshit and unstable..

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