Living in a country without resources.

I am living on an island that doesn’t really have the resources either in product designs or raw materials. I always have ideas but can’t seem to get to the prototype stage because no one around me is able to provide.

Talking to people from other countries to explain my idea is often very difficult.

What should I do?

How do you trust someone you have never met face to face?

  • The thing is, even if you trust someone, would it work that way? From experience, building a startup with people remotely is next to impossible (unless you’re planning to move somewhere together at some point). If you’re serious about building a business (or anything really), you will have to be in the right environment with the right people.. I have been struggling with the same issue trying to build startups from Baghdad, Iraq. I never thought I would make it but I could not stop, just few months ago, I got to move to the U.S. and work on a new project here.. If you’re passionate about it, you will find your way to success (or it will find its way to you).

    Good luck

  • I’m in a similar position, but perhaps not so bad…and I also agree with the previous comment. However, if you are working in an ecosystem that’s not conducive to start-ups you have to be prepared that it will take longer. I found a good lawyer. That helped. Next, educate yourself. I subscribed to different VC newsletters – First Round, Andreessen-Horowitz etc. There are probably others.

    I don’t know what your line of business is but if you’e able to get a minimum viable program a la Lean Start up method it makes it easier. It might sound like a bore but you obviously need customers and they could be in Timbuktu or downton NYC…Last piece of advice – Cindy Alvarez’s Customer Development book is a revelation..Go for it!!

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