Which of your investors were quick to make a decision and you like?

Most investors are followers and would waste your time by asking random additional docs or reply slowly to wait before they make a decision.

For those who have raised, which of your investors were quick to decide and not a pain to manage later?


  • The ones I’ve closed with happened in one week. If they cant give you an answer by then, dont waste your time.

    If they want docs, ask them to meet in person and find out what they need to make a decision.

    • Thanks! I agreee. The ones who commit make quick decisions and the rest drag the process.

      If you don’t mind sharing who was the investor who was quick? (Actually a good thing way to thank them by sharing their name as an investor founders like)

  • All the quick answers I got where “No”

    My “Yes” took a lot of time to emerge.

    They did show interest on first meeting and meeting after meeting but they didn’t give me a formal yes (a term sheet) until 2-3 months of discussions passed

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