I’m building a website service, is it beneficial to give users the option to signup via their Facebook/Google account? Or should I just stick with a regular username/password signup for now?

  • If you can do it FB is a good idea (not so sure about G+). If you see it as hard (technically) don’t do it. If you keep the process simple it’ll work either way.

  • Regular is fine but if wish, Fb/Google account signin would be nice.

    Just please don’t make it FB/Google only (with no email signup).

  • I, as a user of many products on internetz and mobile etc., prefer to sign up via FB. You can get my name/surname, my e-mail and create a unique password to login via FB later. Why writing my name, e-mail and password manually and wasting a minute? And by logging in, I’ll have to write my mail and password again and again. Lots of wasted minutes.

    G+ is not used generally btw. Facebook and Twitter leads the signup/login thing. Do both or one of them, and you’ll see many of the visitors will prefer the social way to sign up and login.

  • Probably depends on your product type and target audience. If it’s a B2B service then social login probably doesn’t make sense.

    For our consumer-facing service we had most of our signups come via Facebook vs username/password.

  • If someone uses fb to sign up fb will run your competitor’s ads on their wall next to any fb post hyou may have on their fb wall

  • Integrated signups through Facebook, Google, etc. are an added benefit for the user. Makes the site more user friendly and shows that you care and took the extra step. As stated above, if it is too costly to get it setup then it may not be worth it. Simple and user friendly is the key. What do you prefer when you access other sites?

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