How to develop brand & business skills as a CTO?

We’re 2 years old with a team of 10(3 co-founders and the rest 7 engineers). Being a CTO, the majority of my time goes into dealing with tech projects and their timelines, directing the team to align with the product vision and execute it- I am good at this and have been delivering projects mostly on time.

Naturally, I am unable to devote time to skill development on the business side of things i.e. Sales & Marketing. We’re doing great as a company.

But that is something which I haven’t explored yet and wish to try my hand-on. My cofounders handle business and product.

Another thing is that I am relatively new to the industry (came out of college 2 years ago and have been doing this startup ever since) and have no credentials, but would like to build thought leadership in this space via public speaking, interacting with more people etc.

Has anyone faced this before and if yes, how did you overcome these issues? For me these issues cause a lot of psychological distress and I want to work towards fixing these.

  • I haven’t experienced anything like that before. But I do want to say that you don’t have to wait to build thought leadership, or get permission or “credentials” to start public speaking. You can use to speak at events. All you would have to do is ask a group organizer if you could speak there, or if groups are looking for speakers, you could submit/volunteer to speak. You could also host meetups at your company and talk about different topics. There’s so much you can do right now, that all you need to do is establish an agenda, gather some people, and just speak.

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