How to deal with copycats?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say, and it’s true. Right about until someone actually, blatantly copy-pastes the product you’ve been working on for years. Then you just want to make them bleed :evil_grin:

They took our minified js code, (kind of) reverse engineered it, changed styling and variable names and are now making money off of it. Their version even contains some of the same exact bugs we used to have. In short, it’s a rip-off and in a very, very obvious way.

So my question is this: apart from the obvious legal route, what are other – perhaps faster & more clever ways – of dealing with such a copycat?

  • One word: “Execution”

    Copycats and especially the type you are facing will always lag behind. Make sure you execute above what they can do. Innovate with good features, listen to your customers and offer flawless customer services.

    Also, the first one in the market as always an advantage that he will lose if he doesn’t execute well.

    So, you can take legal action as a defense mechanism but the best offence will still be a good execution.

  • He wrote about JS code, so it’s likely to happen again. As stated above: be better than the copy cat. You know now: everything you do will be copied quickly. So maybe you should consider 2 things: a) find a better solution than just JS code. and b) more important: develop your idea in a way that cannot be copied by just copying some code.

    If it’s such an easy idea that needs only code to be copied, then the bigger your business you get, the more competitors you will have.

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