How important is your domain name when launching?

With the lack of good domain names left, especially when bootstrapping a startup. From your experiences, success or failure, how important was the domain name when launching and gaining traction. Do you feel it had any adverse impact? I realize if its gets big you can buy out a better domain but until then, how much does it matter?

  • If you have a super long domain, you need to fix it when you go big. If you have a short but quirky one maybe not.

    Airbnb started out as They later changed it to which admittedly is still a stupid name, but by then it stuck.

  • Facebook started out at Not the greatest but it got the job done.

    Domain names are available if you can get creative. GoDaddy offers suggestions if your first choice is taken.

  • Creativity has no limit. You can invent excellent domain names now. Good names are not already taken. Some very good names appeared lately.

    Asking this question is like asking if something can still be invented now ? With so many existing patents ? Does science know everything ? Did art create anything valuable ? Are all good domain names already reserved ? No, of course not. And maybe finding a good domain name is easier than ever, because you have so many examples to follow or not, based on their success. When internet was tiny and only a few dozens names were reserved, how could you tell if a new name was good or bad ? It was harder than now !

    Be creative and go on.

  • It matters but it won’t make or break your company. Pick some short that’s easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and easy to google.

  • A fancy domain and name is a purely monetary exercise.

    Don’t bother with it until you’re sure it is worth the spending, because it is extremely unlikely that this spending is worth more than the traction you could otherwise get.

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