How do you go back to being an employee?

I recently had to abandon my startup for monetary reasons and go back to being a full-time employee for the first time in years. It’s been nearly a month and I’m constantly chaffing at things like “that’s just how we do it here” and the levels of decision approval that have to happen. Additionally people in a “real job” are far more paranoid about your intentions when you say and do things instead of realizing that you’re all rowing the same boat. I was the non-technical cofounder so it’s not like I can just freelance slinging code until I start something else and support myself. How do you deal with this without going crazy or job hopping (because I feel like this is not local to just this office)?

  • I’m going through the same thing. Have you noticed how half the people in corporations seem to be doing nothing at all?

  • I think it’s more than half. My experience was I went into corporate america with my startup work ethic. Kept my head down, blew out my goals and targets, kept my word to clients and from all of that unknowingly created a lot of enemies. For years I worked alone so it was a dynamic I didn’t understand. Many ‘colleagues’ took my progress and preference to ‘get shit done’ and off my plate as a disruptive threat to their slow pace of slow to no results over 2 and 3 quarters. I’m back in the startup world.

  • Go back and recruit for your startup. Always work for yourself first and your employer second.

    Loyalty is with individuals, and never the firm

  • Two options:

    A.) Go to a well-funded startup and get paid a real salary in the environment you enjoy.

    B.) Ignore it and focus on things you enjoy doing in your free time.

  • Before I started a social start up I was a Fed (90% non work), the only time I ticked people off was when I took initiative once in drawing up an excel sheet after a meeting and sent it too my team. “I am the team lead and you must ok everything through me first!” Ugh.

    Caring less feels like terrible advice to give but some perspective on a job just being a job might be good. Agree with the previous comment about the two options.

  • Get the job that is pays the best.

    Start working on your next idea during your free time.

    Save cash to support yourself later on.

    Quit that job once your idea starts taking off.

    That’s what I am doing. Ran out of savings in one year and tomorrow leaving to other country for 3-5 month to earn some cash so that could try build something up in next year. This will be second attempt …

    I have a goal to achieve -I have to prove myself I can build a business and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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