Why are you full of it?

I don’t understand. No one is forcing these people to come out and say “hey I’m here for you. If you need anything just let me know. I read and respond to every email / tweet / etc.” If you’re not going to do it, then just keep your mouth shut. You’d look better sitting in your ivory tower. But saying that I’m here for you and then never responding to multiple attempts, makes you look like a complete lying sack of you know what.

  • Altucher appears to respond to every email. At least he responded to mine twice and he doesn’t know me from jack. Tho I pity the fool. I wouldn’t put out that sort of offer.

      • I am not whether you choose to believe or not 🙂 Yes he’s a big self promoter. But I was surprised he responded to my questions. All I’m saying is he appears to live up to his claims of being approachable. I’m not saying he’s a guru or anything.

  • I hear you, OP. The list of people so full of it that they should be renamed to Brown or Shinola is long. Had the same happen more than a few times. People will talk ish just to make themselves look helpful/empathetic/etc.

    Keep loose track of such fools, so that when you make it big one day, you know whose calls to ignore, because they’re usually the same that like to brown nose or come close when they smell success.

  • +1 thanks for helping me recognise this phenomenon and to self officious time wasters, can’t believe I fell for the act but at least I know whose calls to ignore in future 🙂

  • I always say, I’ll help where I can, but if I can’t I’ll at least tell you and point you in another direction to try and find help.

    I know, I’m kind of awesome like that.

  • Can someone fill me in–what are you talking about? (Seriously, is this an inside baseball rant? Cause I have no idea what this thread is about.)

    • It’s about bloggers and the like who tell you to email them if you ever need help with something but don’t have the decency to actually respond unless it only benefits them directly. “Yeah email me anytime with anything” = “I’ll respond if I think you’re the next zuckerberg otherwise I’m ignoring you”

  • I’m in NY and observe this behavior mostly from out-of-towners. Some even pretend to be a part of the NY ecosystem but at the end of the day they are just investors playing the game.

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