Does Florian Leibert’s new company and $11M funding mean he got over his sexual assault case?

Whatever became of sexual assault case between then Twitter’s Florian Leibert and Googler Noirin Shirley? Weird to not hear any update on a case involving 2 well known techies. At the time, no-one even wanted to comment:

To date, he never commented or refuted such serious allegations.  But he’s now back after lying low, with new company and ~$11million funding:

    • Yup or troll bait. So I’ll bite since I’m one.

      Just because someone is accused of sexual assault does not mean he/she is guilty.

      • Nobody said all accused = guilty. But if innocent, how come he never denied it? Would you be silent if accused of such and you were innocent? The point is that the whole thing is perplexing for such a publicized case: no admission/denial and no updates on resolution.

        • Well all know how trial-by-media goes. Being silent is the only smart thing to do. I’m sure he’d speak up if compelled by a court of law.

            • Yup. I googled her name and I was like, “What???” If she was beautiful then yes this story would be widespread.

            • This is offensive. Because someone is unattractive to you it doesn’t mean anything? Comments and attitudes like this stop people reporting incidents.

              • If this is the case where the chick did it through social media, but never filed charges, why should he deny it. Basically she was going for a public trial, and he didn’t bite. As for the remarks regarding her looks, that has zero to do with it. Sexual assault is about men seeking to dominate a person. However, in this case, I just think there was nothing to it, and if she could not prove it, he could have sued her for libel, but why give someone like that attention?

  • Noirin Shirley divorced her husband Steven and now is known as Noirin Plunkett. She then married Michael Schwern in Portland, Oregon for a green card, and accused him of rape with a knife (LOL even though there were no injuries) and violence and he divorced her. She went around telling literally everyone in the industry that he is a rapist. Truly ridiculous.

    Google plunkett schwern

    Google borderline personality disorder

    There was no case against Florian. He was never charged.

  • Not in the tech community, but I met Noirin socially and now interact occasionally with her (much more than I would like.)

    I was not aware of all her back history with earlier accusations regarding Florian Leibert (i.e. anything before Schwern) until I started googling her out of suspicion.

    I’ve never met someone I was more sure was a pathological liar.

  • The Schwern accusations were fabricated bullshit. There’s a lot more to that story than anyone knows. The truth will come out someday.

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