Compensation for a cofounder who is going to quit

I joined in a startup which is founded by a few of my friends. For the past year, I worked with them to build diffrent products which failed miserably. Later team moved into another vertical and have made some progress with it. I’m not comfortable in working with this domain, so I’m planning to move out.

The startup is not yet incorporated, and we haven’t raised any funds. But we have an understanding about the equity distribution among us.

I worked for a year without salary. So, can I ask for a compensation from the team when I quit? What will be a fair compensation in equity that should I ask ?

  • They move into doing porn sites or something? I wouldn’t want my name attached to that either. You should get 1/3rd of the equity since you were there in the beginning and never got paid.

  • New domain = new startup. You don’t get a hand in every future startup just because you worked with them on a previous one. You get (worthless?) equity in the first startup and nothing in the new one.

  • You can ask for some equity as per vesting.

    Lets say, If you worked for a year, you can ask for 1/4th your equity.

    You should have to discuss it with other co founders.

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