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I was hired by a company X, and I was building application on top of the platform X. X is very popular platform for business applications. Needless to say, this was illegal and not recommended as per the company policies. Few days back, I closed my first sale worth about $25,000. I did all the work of my own company in a different and fictitious name. Now, I’m planning to quit my job and work on my company on a full-time basis.

What are the legal good consequences? any recommended lawyers that I could hire in Silicon Valley?
How can I tell people that my name was fictitious? Some of the people who know me  By my fictitious name our will bring a lot of business to me.

My exit strategy is to be acquired by X. However, there are other competitors as well.

  • Let me make sure i understand the question. How do you get around stealing from your current company and lying to your customers?

  • You are so screwed. Prepare to bend over. I hope you calculated medical costs and lawyer fees.

    When it comes out and company X finds out, you will be sued. When I say sued, they will become the owners of all your work or they may be willing to settle for a hefty ownership. Why did you not go to X in the first place to ask to license their platform?

    Next time, quit your job and wait a year. But the fact that you see nothing wrong with this behavior sickens me. It’s the worst ethics I’ve seen in a long time… And I’ve seen some stuff.

    • It’s the worst ethics I’ve seen in a long time… And I’ve seen some stuff.

      Hilarious. Ethics in the 21st century? What are you smoking? Everybody is out there to fuck you over, and the only way to … not to lose is to do it faster and better.

      • Ethics starts with individuals. If that’s how you think, that’s what you will experience and after a while, you will only get so far. Remember that.

  • This is something best handled by a lawyer. They have seen it all. One way to do it is to go to meetups and just have a chat with the lawyers there, they are there to get clients. If your company has potential they will normally be able to give you some free advice and you could ask them of your situation and see what they say.

  • You’re starting out on the wrong foot, my friend…do you really want to start your entrepreneurial career out as a liar and a thief? If so, I wish you luck! You’re gonna’ need it. Your best move would be to cancel that order, give them their money back and start fresh. The alternative is to look over your shoulder, until this comes back and bites you in the @ss…it’s not worth it.

  • So you lied about who you are in order to get inside of a company – at which point you stole access to their platform so that you could build a product onto said platform.

    As other posters have noted, there is no place on earth you can hide once your product comes out.

    You’ve not only likely broken all of the agreements signed when entered employment, you’ve also committed literally criminal offenses in doing so.

    You’re then going to come out with a product which highlights the inside access which was contractually prohibited and performed under false pretenses.


  • No, I did not lie. I have been working with the company for 3 years, and I built the product in the last 3 months. Needless to say, there was no agreement that I had signed except in the last 15 days where I had to sign a “code of conduct”. So, there is nothing on paper.

    This group is obnoxious. I am getting hate email, not proper advice or referral to lawyers. I need your support, not your opinions.

    • So the post saying the work was done in your wife’s name and “fictitious person” is not yours?

      Ok, let’s say you were legitimately working in that company under your own name.

      1) Unless the platform which you are connecting to is open source and/or open access, there is no legal question whatsoever that you had access and used it improperly

      2) You not only did the above, you did it concurrently while still working at the company thus you will not be able to complain any form of separation of interests. Then you sold a product based on it.

      3) Have you asked what the company’s policy is on platform access? Your every post thus far has been that of a guilty person seeking a way out as opposed to a legitimate inquiry as to fair use.

      And with all that, you want proper advice? Seems that you’ve been getting it, you just don’t like what you are hearing. Or to be more specific, you want a get of a jail free card and you haven’t gotten it yet.

    • You didn’t sign an employment agreement with company X? Mm look if the only misrepresentations you did occurred in the last 3 months it’s probably fixable.

  • So you willingly fucked X and yet you still maintain “My exit strategy is to be acquired by X?”

    And this is why I won’t offer you advice.

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