What should I do with my co-founder?

We have been friends for more than four years now and have been working on this idea for the past 10 months. The problem is that he hasn’t contributed much in this time. I didn’t notice initially but when I look back, he really hasn’t done much in this time. Whenever I asked him for anything, he said “I am sorry. I have to do other things.” and then nothing. Now since we won this startup competition a few weeks ago he is fully motivated and ready to start but I don’t know if I’m ready to run a company with him. 

  • Firstly think if you have an equitable arrangement. I know a situation where the split was 80/20 and the co-founder didn’t do anything because he was secretly resentful of the arrangement.

  • A 50/50 split is dangerous (rookie mistake)

    I’d suggest to that each of you EARN your split. Based on specific milestones.

    Put this in writing too.

    That way, if either you or he walk away after 6 months, said person will only get what he actually worked for, instead of the instant 50%.


  • Don’t start a company with someone you are already doubting. If he seems motivated when things are going well, how do you think he will be in difficult times?

    You can use a tool like this one [http://foundrs.com/] to support your decision to remove him from the project or at least reduce his share to it fair level.

    Good luck!

  • The problem is (with all due respect) “he’s just not that into you”… I have been there and done that with several alleged business partnerships and it all boils down to one thing generally; money! If he were paid well or at all, he would have the patience and motivation to contribute his “talents” and “skills”. This is how we weed out the true entrepreneurs from the masqueraders: the ones who do the work unconditionally are the only real mccoys. Time to bid adieu and seek out a new partner. I hope you strike gold next time with the right fit!

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