How attractive does your front end design have to be?

I find apps with UI that’s super slick & pretty to be annoying and I really don’t want to use it everyday. Look around. The platforms that people use habitually all have ok UI. Twitter, facebook, craigslist, amazon, pinterest, snapchat, viber, etc.. It seems like a lot of the newer startups 2015+, are all focused on making apps to look like next gen apple iOS.

Is super sleek pretty design (for an app that also works well) better than a well working app thats got average design? Is it important to investors now & does it really give you a better edge in the market or is it unnecessary?

  • I think people like these Apps because the UX is well thought off which is more important than design IMO. UI should serve the purpose of UX, not the other way around.

    • +1 visual design is part of it. But usability is king. Worry about making it easy for a baby to use with no directions. If your not big on design there are many template packs for apps you can use to style.

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