Why aren’t there more documentaries that follow startups around from the beginning stages?

  • I know that TechStars shot video of the founders going through their program and I watched the first couple of seasons but I don’t know if they still do it.

  • Also they don’t know if the start up is going to be a success or not so it might be seen as a waste of money following round a start up that then goes belly up

  • Plus most founders don’t have the time to deal with a film crew following them around. And those that do are what MC calls “wantrapreneurs”.

    On another note, I use Shark Tank as documentaries. I watch old episodes of Shark Tank and Google them now. Its amazing how many “deals” actually fall through after the show.

    • Oh there used to be a documentary called “The Entrepreneur” featuring Malcolm Bricklin which followed his attempt to import REALLY cheap foreign cars to the US. It was actually quite entertaining.

      Its no longer on Netflix but maybe you can torrent it lol.

  • Because most of the time it would make for very short seasons. But you should check out The Profit. Pretty good show.

  • We’re creating mini documentaries that focus on doing just that! Our series is called Quality Thrives and we’ll be spending the next year traveling across the country doing interviews with 250 everyday entrepreneurs who are in the early startup stages of their venture.

    http://www.qualitythrives.org ( actual site launching within the next week )


    Let me know if you’re interested in getting involved!

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