LegalZoom vs Northwest Registered Agent Services | Comparison

If you’re looking for any kind of legal services online, it could do you well to do some research on the services before you hire them. I’ve written a series of articles for just this purpose, specifically looking at head-to-head comparisons.

In this article I’ll be comparing two services that have received high marks in my individual reviews, Northwest Registered Agent Services and the ever-popular LegalZoom.

About Northwest Registered Agent Services

With a high focus on excellent customer service, Northwest Registered Agent Services has been in business for over twenty years. They specialize in helping small businesses get started, and like their name implies, they provide Registered Agent services for LLC clients.

About LegalZoom

LegalZoom has become perhaps the most recognizable online legal service website, and for good reason. They can help with everything from last will and testament forms to helping you find a lawyer. And yes, they can help you form your small business, too.

How They’re the Same

This comparison wouldn’t work if the two websites and companies didn’t have enough in common to pit against each other. Both Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have superior small business services. They can help anyone find the right forms, fill them out, and get them filed.

  • Both can help you find out if your business name is taken.
  • Both can help you find out about Tax information.
  • Both can act as your Registered Agent.

How They’re Different

Legal Zoom and Northwest Registered Agent do have their specialties, and that’s where we can start to separate them. First, what Northwest Registered Agent does that LegalZoom doesn’t:

  • Personal, live customer service.
  • Multi-State Registered Agent Service.
  • Corporate Seals, books, etc.

Now for how LegalZoom differentiates itself:

  • Legal forms across the legal spectrum (like rental agreements).
  • Attorney Referrals.
  • Tax Filing services (NEW).

And the Winner Is…

We’ll break it down by category, and we’ll focus on what they do similarly, namely, LLC and small business formation and services.

Pricing: Northwest Registered Agent

To act as your registered agent, Northwest Registered Agent is only $125 compared to LegalZoom at $299. From the bottom of each of their pricing, LegalZoom comes in a bit cheaper. For basic LLC formation, LegalZoom is $79 plus state fees, while Northwest is $100.

Experience: Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent has been working hard for small businesses since 1998. LegalZoom’s experience is nothing to sneeze at, either, having been in business since 2001. But what really gives Northwest the edge is that they’re a small business, too, at heart. They have only worked with small businesses since their start. That being said, if you want a company with broader experience, then of course LegalZoom would take the nod.

Customer Support: Northwest Registered Agent Services

Call me old fashion, but when someone lists their actual, real phone number on their website, that means a lot. At Northwest, not only do you get their physical location’s number, but you even get a live person answering the phone when you call.

Turnaround Time: Tie

It’s not really fair to compare. Both of them can get you turn-around according to your state’s expedited filing. Beyond that, LegalZoom can get you printed legal forms immediately, while Northwest Registered Agent can get you real-time customer service.

Winner Overall: Northwest Registered Agent Services

Again, this comes down to what they both have in common—small business services. If that’s the only category you’re comparing, I think Northwest Registered Agent wins on price and customer service, to extremely important points for me. If you’re looking for other services, however, you would need to go for LegalZoom.

And the winner is - 

Northwest Registered Agent Services

  • Competitive pricing
  • Experience with small businesses
  • Excellent customer support

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