LegalZoom Review 2022 | Transparent Breakdown & WARNINGS

Writing any legal document can be daunting. Even filling out a form, or finding the right one can be a challenge. That’s why so many people are turning to online resources for help with their legal documents. One site that seems to come up a lot is LegalZoom

I reviewed LegalZoom from several angles, and depending on what forms you need help with, LegalZoom could be the right choice for you. Check out the full review, and make sure to read the FAQs for anything you still might have questions about.

Who is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom has been at the forefront of internet-based legal solutions since nearly the beginning of the modern internet age. They started in 2001 with a range of legal services available to anyone with internet access.

This innovative approach to offering free legal services has of course garnered a lot of attention. Based on their successes, they’ve since branched out into attorney referrals, small business help, and even tax services.

What Can LegalZoom Do for Me?

People might sometimes think that legal services are only for when you’re in trouble. But the fact is that hundreds of thousands of folks just like you and me need civic legal help, everyday. In fact, one agency found that almost a million people need legal assistance every year, and don’t get it because they can’t afford it.

And that’s exactly where LegalZoom comes in. With dozens of services available at the click of a button, LegalZoom can get you the help you need, quickly and affordably. So let’s dive in.

Small Business Formation

Over 4 million small businesses were formed in just 2020. That’s millions of people who decided that the rat race wasn’t for them, and they struck out on their own. But anyone who’s tried to start a business can tell you—there’s a lot of paperwork involved. 

LegalZoom makes it easy to get the paperwork sorted. In fact, it’s so easy to start with them that the first button you need to click is right on their homepage.

From that first click, LegalZoom gets the ball rolling. You can select from LLC, Corporation, or even Non-Profit. And if you don’t know which is right for you, you can even take a free tutorial. If you take the tutorial, you answer 10 basic questions (Are you already in business? Will you be the sole owner?). After answering those questions you’ll be prompted to get started on the type of business that’s right for you.

LegalZoom has been so helpful in helping people start their own businesses that they were rated the #1 service in 2021. That’s a lot of success stories starting with one click.

Protecting Your Family

No one wants to think about decisions regarding wills and testaments. In fact, according to some numbers, less than half of us have written out our final wishes. LegalZoom makes this unpleasant but necessary task easier, and yes, much cheaper.

From the first click on “Start your will or trust,” LegalZoom is ready with some easy to understand definitions and clear pricing. You can scan all your options at your convenience, without paying a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour to explain things.

If you do want the comfort of having a lawyer help you out, LegalZoom can find you an attorney at a great rate, an attorney who will only help you with these sensitive documents, and not try to sell you anything else. Here’s what the attorney-assisted services look like:

No one wants to talk about planning for when they won’t be there anymore. But we all want to protect our loved ones, and make sure they get what they deserve. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to handle these documents, LegalZoom may be the way to go.

Legal Information

One of the most mystifying parts of all legal information is the language it’s written in. Many of us have heard the term “legal-ese” referring to how hard it is to understand the jargon in these documents.

In the past, if you wanted any of this information translated into real English, you had to call a lawyer and hope they called you back—and hope again that they were willing to speak to you without charging a fee.

But thanks to their commitment to helping all people, LegalZoom has a whole division of their company dedicated to writing and posting articles answering everyday legal questions in everyday language. (You can check out their articles here.)

But centralizing all this information, they provide you with the ability to make decisions for yourself. Decisions like whether you actually do want to pay an attorney, or if you’d rather fill out some legal paperwork yourself.

Another great thing about LegalZoom’s articles is that they’re written by professionals. People with not only knowledge about the law, but knowledge about how to write and communicate effectively. That means information you can understand and use.

How Much Will LegalZoom Cost Me?

So far I’ve used words like “affordable,” but that can mean very different things to different people. So let’s talk brass-tacks.

If you’re looking for assistance filing paperwork for your own small business, LegalZoom can get you going for only $79, plus state fees.

On the other hand, if you need help with last will and testament paperwork, you can get Financial Power of Attorney paperwork started for as little as $35, or a full will for $89.

All of LegalZoom’s articles can be read for free, and they have attorney referrals that you can peruse at no cost. And that kind of flexibility, to conduct your legal searches from a trusted source from the comfort of your easy chair, with no telephone pressure, is priceless.

Final Thoughts

Legal questions and documents can turn into highly personal matters. There’s a lot to get confused about, and once money starts changing hands, tempers can flare. That’s why I was happy to find so much to like about LegalZoom. I feel good recommending it to anyone who isn’t sure, yet, whether they need legal services, and wants a free resource to look for information.

Furthermore, if you want to go beyond information and start paying for services, LegalZoom has some of the most comprehensive forms for the most affordable prices.


Is There Any Obligation To Use LegalZoom?

Absolutely not. There is a live chatbot on the bottom of the screen, but you can easily close that and roam about their various pages absolutely free.

Do I Need To File Paperwork To Start A Business?

Yes. In fact, in many states you could face severe legal consequences for not getting your paperwork properly filed in the right amount of time. In addition, LegalZoom can act as your Registered Agent and help you keep on top of important filing deadlines for future legal compliance.

Are My Documents Owned by LegalZoom?

No. Once you have completed your legal documents and paid LegalZoom, they are yours, free and clear.

Is My Will Legally Binding Right Away?

No. You will need to sign your will under sound mind in front of a witness. This is usually done in front of a notary public.

Does LegalZoom Have an Attorney In Every State?

Yes. When you sign up for the Attorney Assist from LegalZoom, they can put you into contact with a licensed attorney in any state you live in.

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