I want my start-up to fail so I won’t have to deal with my cofounders shitty personality ever again.

  • Umm, maybe just get out since a.) you want it to fail any way and b.) you don’t have to deal with your cofounders personality ever again. Problem solved.

    But I have a feeling you’re not willing to walk away in the off chance that it succeeds and you’re out. Dumb.

  • Basically you are saying you want your startup to fail because you are not confident in dealing with the problem head on. Let’s just say this startup fails and you get your wish. What happens on the next one? will you get married and decide you want that to fail? Because you failed to communicate?

    I am not beating you up here but I think you need to work on a prevention rather than a cure and deal with this head on to get it resolved.

    Business is tough, sometimes not fair and not everything goes your way.

    If you find it difficult to do face to face send an email then arrange a meeting. I think you will be surprised with the outcome. Either way, you can get the answer before you have the opportunity to fail.

    Give it a go.

    Good luck!

  • If you’ve been feeling like this for a while, either you need to get out, or you need to get rid of your co-founder.

    Do you have investors? Other team members? Do you think they feel the same way about your co-founder?

    We spent months wasting time with a co-founder who, while a nice guy, simply didn’t have the skills to deliver. I resented the fact that his pay check drained resources from the company, but felt it would be disloyal to do anything about it, and that somehow it would be a signal that our team was weak. Eventually I somehow blurted out my feelings to one of our advisors, and he encouraged me to do something about it – not least because it was more obvious to potential investors than I realized that we were carrying dead weight. With lots of support from my advisor and other co-founder, I had the difficult conversation and (after a few days of upset) we came to an amicable arrangement. I think we’re all happier as a result, and I have no doubt that the company is better off.

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