I want to launch a startup for my products (I already have an Etsy shop). The problem is I am very shy to share my shop and products on social media. I haven’t spoken about my shop to anyone. Also I don’t know where to find my clients.

  • On the internet nobody knows if you’re a dog. Invent a new persona and pretend you’re a kickass superstar. Start a blog under an assumed name and talk about your niche.

  • Like it was mentioned before, that’s the beauty of the internet. You can pretend to be someone else. Just make sure that your customers have an amazing experience shopping in your shop. Answer questions, provide suggestions and if they are really happy with your services, ask them for “Comments” that you can post on your site.

  • I have a much bigger project than yours.

    What really helps me is not to think about doing a start up.

    I have never ever thought about doing start ups and to not follow their supid rules is a huge benefit. Luckily I am doing what I like to do, the way I like to do and I earn money with it. Try to see yourself as a online flea market business.

  • Well, since you know your product; you’ll also know who would benefit most from it.

    When you know that you also know where these people are and where they meet.

    A good enterprise isn’t about creating needs that didn’t exist before and then create products and services to satisfy them.

    A good enterprise is about identifying an existing unmet need and create products and services which satisfy it.

    So; who needs your product, where are these people and why is your product the best solution for their problem/unmet need?

  • There’s a great little book by Kari Chapin called “The Handmade Marketplace” about managing Etsy Stores and stuff… You don’t need to open your business outside of Etsy, in fact, I would advise against it for now. First make sure your Etsy store is highly successful. You don’t have to put your face out there ot to fill your Facebook page with self-promotion but you do have to be confident to talk about your store as a real project at the very least. Be humble, ask for advice and input, say you’re just starting but don’t hide. There’s no magic to success, only hard work and being whilling to do what needs to be done.

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